E380-4T0037 frequency converter long-range control panel

Jan 13th, 2012

Brand: Sunfar- is all sides

Name: E380-4T0037 frequency converter long-range control panel


About products:

E380 frequency converter attachment

The products are detailed:

Applicable scope:

The long-range control panel is suitable for Shenzhen E380 which electric technological Co., Ltd. produced all sides, the controlling and operating long-rangely of serial frequency converters such as C300, C320, H320, M320. Accuse of panel use with the intersection of frequency converter and operation panel of plane this at the same time while being all right far originally, look over the parameter, modification, storing at the same time effectively.

Basic function:

The long-range control panel possesses most functions of the frequency converter standard procedure panel, mainly include:

1.Look over, revise and store the function in frequency conversion parameter

2.Can go on to the frequency converter

3.Reveal, look over and reset in trouble

4.The state monitors the function in real time to run

5.Copy the function in parameter

Main technical indicator:

1)Connection way: RS485 point-to-point communication

2)Accuse of the distance far: RMKB001 effective distance: 1- 1000m

The effective distance of E300 serial long-range keyboards: 1- 20m

3)Power: DC10- 24V / 250mA

Note: RMKB001 type accuse of panel need independent the intersection of 10- 24V and direct current source far, as accuse of being wired the length <100m far, wired impedance <50& Omega; When, can select the intersection of frequency converter and the intersection of machine and the intersection of end and 24V direct current source (consult the wiring diagram) of son this for use .

In front of using the long-range control panel, please confirm the following parameter of the frequency converter set up and meet the demands:

1)Communication is set up: ( F 9.0 = 0014)

Potter rate: 9600bps, even check-up

2)This machine address: 0

3)This machine replies and delays time: < 10ms

4)The mode of principal and subordinate: From the machine (F 9.3 = 0010)

The basic wiring way of the long-range control panel is the following two, users can choose one wantonly:

Note: Use M3 screw to assemble, please pay attention to the inner hole location of dotted line and make the hole size.

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