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Feb 28th, 2014

Optical port of 2 gigas, 200 trillion optical ports, industry’s switchboard power input of card rail of 6 10/100M network casts: 12V exchange capacity 5.6G of platform slab of network management 36VDC high safety supports DT-Ring, DT-Ring + to make up the ring network, star network, tangent the intersection of ring and DT-Ring, network of + DT-Ring reconstruct time less than 300ms

Clamping-rail industrial Ethernet switchboard system of the high reliability
Industrial Ethernet swapper of high performance.
Support IEEE802.3/802.3U/802.3X
Support IEEE802.1Q/IEEE802.1P/IEEE 802.1D/IEEE802.1W/IEEE802.1S
10/100BaseT(X) (RJ45) ,100BaseFX (multi mode / monomode) ,1000Base-FX (SFP interface)
Broadcast the storm and plan to make
Super terminal mode, TELNET (CLI) ,WEB network element management software, are based on the network management of SNMP
Store and transmit the pattern of exchanging
10/100M, the whole / half duplex, MDI/MDI-X adaptation
Make up complicated DT-Ring, ring network, network frameworks such as star network and looks cut,etc.
Offer exchange capacity 5.6G to the slab
Can carry oral flowrate, state to monitor each one <>
Support the online upgrade of the software (support SNTP simple time management agreement, PTP accurate time agreement ( IEEE1588)
Offer SNMP-OPC Server software
High stability of the industrial rank
-35 ¡æ- operating temperature range of 75 ¡æ
Redundant power input supports 12V 36VDC, customized 110VDC, 220VDC/VAC
Possess the straight negative polarity opposing connection of the power to protect
The power adopts the power of technical grade, excessive load, overvoltage and EMC protect
Function that power and all port periodic lines report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance and inquiring
IP40, the aluminium-making high strength casing of single rib shape
Install the way in the guide rail
Accord with the tertiary in industry electromagnetic compatible standard

Function introduction

Of new generation in SICOM3000 series for technical grade network cast card rail industry switchboard,it is mere 2 pieces /electric interface, optical port of 2 100Ms, electric interface of 6 100Ms; Support IEEE802.3/802.3U/802.3X/IEEE 802.1 Q/IEEE802.1P/IEEE802.1D/IEEE 802.1W IEEE802.1S, the slab exchange capacity 5.6G, stores and transmits the pattern of exchanging, the electric interface 10/100M, the whole / half duplex, consult automatically, MDI/MDI-X adaptation.
SICOM3000 series adopt the industrial moderate breeze electromagnetic compatibility design, accord with IP40 industry and protect the standard. Install the way in the guide rail. -35 ¡æ is the operating temperature range of +75 ¡æ,
Let harsh the intersection of industrial environment and high guarantee of unfailing performance of you.
Manage interfaces, the concentration, distributed management of providing convenience on the basis of SNMP network management software KyvisionV3.0, CLI, WEB. The advanced OPC software can make the management of the industry switchboards of this series imbed in various industry systems.
Power design idea of technical grade
Advanced industrial power design idea, the power supply unit offers the opposing connection of positive and negative of the power to protect, protect overcurrent protection and EMC on it is reliable.,if you can’t protect, step on by grade accord with by electromagnetic compatibility requirement of moderate breezes industrial.
Broadcast the storm and plan to make
Support productses SICOM3000 series if you can’t plan radio storm, last function,until radio make or when multicast the information messages of the bags exceed limits certain, series SICOM3000 will throw the information of this message automatically immediately.
QOS priority function
IEEE 802.1P is a priority scheme used in LAN environment most extensively. SICOM3000 supports 802.1P standard, different while carrying the oral business to distribute different priority, uses this function to set up the priority based on port.
Alarm function
The alarm function of SICOM3000 includes reporting an emergency and asking for help or increased vigilance, port reporting an emergency and asking for help or increased vigilance, and network alarm of periodic line of the power supply failure,etc., can make various alarm functions and can set up through the software of network management. It can also be exported on the network management interface that the information of reporting an emergency and asking for help or increased vigilance is exported through the alarm terminal on the apparatus.
Port work pattern set feature service
SICOM3000 industrial Ethernet switchboard can set up all terminal oral work patterns through the network management: Full duplex / half duplex adaptation, forcing full duplex, forcing half duplex, optical port of 10M/100M adaptation, 100M in order to force 100M full duplex, 1000M light / electric interface 1000M full duplex) in order to force .
Port speed set feature service
SICOM3000 industrial Ethernet switchboard can carry oral speed to set up to all through the network management, the speed can be set up as the integral multiple of 32k bps.
Port inquiry information system
Inquire operation is done refered to every end apparatus in the network. Including: Basic information inquiry, state inquiry of the port, port data inquiry, speed inquiry of the port.
VLAN (fictitious LAN) Function
VLAN (fictitious LAN) Divide a network into a plurality of logical net works. The data packet can’t be transmitted among different VLAN, in order to control the radio land and flowrate of subnet section, can improve network performance, safety and very managerial. Support the intersection of IEEE and the intersection of 802.1q VLAN and mark, can come, divide VLAN, partitionable 4096 VLAN much most on the basis of port. Can finish the division of VLAN easily through Console or WEB network management work station.
RMON high efficiency controls the network
RMON network management expand physical layer to, can collect data of apparatus, become possible independently, the Built-in: control tool has been offered and does not take the valuable network resource ‘ Bandwidth) And carry on limited analytical capacity to the whole flowrate and support statistics, history, reporting an emergency and asking for help or increased vigilance, incident in four groups, and allow the work station of the network management to set up and raise and convey the significance of managing message the associations of a plurality of variables in the form of expression depending upon need, reduce the load of the work station of the network management, meet you to the demand for controlling the subnet section characteristic, make it possible to manage the large-scale network simply and effectively.
IGMP raises the efficiency of network communication
Internet Group Multicast Protocol, namely the management agreement of group of Internet. SICOM3000 offers IGMP to monitor and inquire, the data packet can be transmitted to a plurality of host computers which need them, overload protection. Thus has solved the problem of occupied bandwidth at the time of radio on the network.
OPC network equipment is managed in unison
In the industrial automation SCADA software, OPC has offered a bridge to hardware manufacturer and software developer, through communication equipment supplier and OPC Server interface that the hardware manufacturer offers, the difference among every different hardwares that developer needn’t consider the software, can make required information the intersection of hardware and end, stand up, for enterprises to make policy by the intersection of integration and software of the upper most layer the information integration and then.
SNTP simple time management agreement
SNTP agreement is the abbreviation (Simple Network Time Protocol) of the agreement of time of simple network ,Needing the synchronous occasion of accurate time, such as electric communication, communication charge, the distributed network is being calculated, traffic regulation, proceeding control of the factory,etc., clock signals offered only by computer are not enough, SNTP agreement is an effective method to offer accurate time service on the network at present.
PTP accurate time agreement ( IEEE1588)
PTP agreement is the abbreviation (Precision Time Protocol, PTP) of the agreement of chronometer time ,Namely IEEE1588, the precision interval clock agreement reaches the inner synchronous precision of the inferior delicate range of IEEE1588 canonicalization, it is suitable for needing to realize high-precision is distributed in the synchronous limited network field of time of the clock the most, not needing to carry on specialized synchronous communication while distributing the control work, thus has reached the communication time mode and employed the result that the mode separates of program execution time. Another great advantage of IEEE1588 is that its standard is very representative, and open. The suppliers of a lot of control systems apply this standard to their products, the manufacturers of different apparatuses all follow the same standard, guarantee very good synchronism between their products in this way.

Product specification

Series SICOM3000
Function description:
Clamping-rail, offer 2 forms / multimode 1000Base-FX/TX, 2 forms / multimode 100Base-FX, 6 100Base-TXs connect
The mouth, support WEB management, Telnet, network management, RMON, DT-ring, DT-Ring based on SNMP +, RSTP
V.24 interface:
21* RJ45
One giga of ports:
2* SFP (optical port or electric interface)
One hundred trillion ports:
2 100Base-FXs, 6( 8) Pieces of 100Base-TX
Power terminal:
Direct-flow terminal of 2 3 core
Cable length
Paired line (TP) :
100 meters
Multimode optical fiber:
Transmission distance: 5KM, wavelength: 1310nm, sends the luminous power: > -20dbm( 100Mbit/s)
Single mode fiber:
Transmission distance: 40KM, wavelength: 1310nm, sends the luminous power: > -13dbm( 100Mbit/s)
Transmission distance: 60KM, wavelength: 1550nm, sends the luminous power: > -3dbm( 1000Mbit/s)
Connect the quantity in series
Line style / star topological structure:

Circular type structure
(DT-Ring DT-ring+) :

< 300ms (50 nodes)
Most VLAN numbers / ranges:
Support VLAN based on port, 802.1Q mark VLAN, GVRP dynamic VLAN disposes
The mirror image of the port:
Redundant agreement:
DT-ring< 300ms (50 nodes)
Spanning Tree:
IEEE 802.1D-1998 generation tree, the backup of path of connection, IEEE 802.1w (RSTP)
The periodic line is trussed up:
2 groups of greatest supports
IGMP Snooping:
Power requirement
Input the power:
Power power consumption:
< 10W
4 for every port sends queue mapping
The deployment of queue:
Store-and-forward speed:
The slab exchange capacity:
MAC address table size:
LEDs (power, connected state, port speed, network management state) Contact of fault signal (24VDC/1A)
RMON( 1, 2, 3, 9RFC1757)
Specialized network management (KyvisionV0.0)
Set up:
WEB, controls ports, telnet, SNMP management software
The port is safe (because of MAC and IP)
The input guard of the backward voltage:
Broadcast the storm to protect:
Other services:
Flow control IEEE802.3X, supports OPC, supports SNTP simple time management agreement, PTP accurate time agreement ( IEEE1588)
The port state is inquired about:
It is counted that the port flowrate is inquired about:
Environmental condition
Operating temperature:
-35 ¡æ to +75 ¡æ
Storage / transportation temperature:
-45 ¡æ to +85 ¡æ
Relative humidity (not condense) :
10% to 95%
Mean operating time between failures MTBF:
Annual 35 / MIL-HDBK-217F 25 ¡æ
Machine construction
Size (W x H x D) :
120*90*36 (mm)
Install the way in the guide rail
Protection grade:
IP40, aluminium-making outer cover, the fan-free is designed
EMC defends the interference characteristic
EN 61000-4-2 is anti-electrostatic (ESD) :
¡À 4 kV keeps in touch and discharges, ¡À 8 kV air discharge
EN 61000-4-3 electromagnetic field:
10 V/m ( 80 – 1000 MHz)
EN 61000-4-4 instant high pressure:
(burst) : ¡À 4 KV power line, ¡À 2 kV data link
EN 61000-4-5 surge voltage:
Power line: ¡À 4 kV (line/earth) ,¡À 2kV (line/line) ,¡À 2 kV data link
EN 61000-4-6 defends conducting:
3 V (10 kHz – 150 kHz) ,10 V(150 kHz – 80 MHz)
EMC antiradiation
FCC CFR47 Part 15:
FCC CFR47 Part 15 Class A
EN 55022:
EN 55022 Class A

Through authorizing

FCC, CE, in UL authorizes

Purchasing order information

Item Model
Description of products
Interface of 2 1000Ms, monomode optical port of 2 100Ms, 6 10/100Base-TX RJ45s
Interface of 2 1000Ms, multimode optical port of 2 100Ms, 6 10/100Base-TX RJ45s
Interface of 2 1000Ms, 8 10/100Base-TX RJ45s
Monomode optical port of 2 1000Ms, 6 10/100Base-TX RJ45s
Multimode optical port of 2 1000Ms, 6 10/100Base-TX RJ45s
8 10/100Base-TX RJ45s
SFP module, the Ethernet electric interface of one 1000M, RJ45 connects
SFP module, the Ethernet monomode optical port of one 1000M, LC connects, wavelength 1310nm, 10km
SFP module, the Ethernet monomode optical port of one 1000M, LC connects, wavelength 1310nm, 40km
SFP module, the Ethernet monomode optical port of one 1000M, LC connects, wavelength 1550nm, 80km

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