Eddy meter installs the flow of whirlpool street at the price of the integrated eddy meter

Dec 12th, 2011

Brand: JB – win smartly

Name: Eddy meter installs the maintenance of eddy meter at the price of the integrated eddy meter

Type: LUGB

About products:

Model LUGB eddy meter whether the intersection of company and scientific research personnel use foreign technological craft for reference, combine, research and develop, produce eddy meter of new generation of Company that experience develops by oneself, internal main chip and key spare part of this flow meter all adopt and import the part. Lengthen and use

The products are detailed:

LUGB integrated eddy meter

LUGB integrated eddy meter Consulting telephone: 010-52781516,62929809 13366077119 Preface: Model LUGB eddy meter whether the intersection of company and scientific research personnel use foreign technological craft for reference, combine, research and develop, produce eddy meter of new generation of Company that experience develops by oneself, internal main chip and key spare part of this flow meter all adopt and import the part. Lengthened service life, guaranteed the security of the instrument, improved and measured the precision. Can totally substitute the similar imported products. Open up national brand reputation in China’s market share in order to popularize the products in an all-round way, the products hardware quality are protected for three years. Technology department and sales department offer technical support to customer in 24 hours, the selecting type of the products is consulted, service of designing etc. that the on-the-spot worker accuses of automation. Characteristic of the products · China initiate pair take place body form receive the body structure ‘ The tape is shaken and compensated) ,Measuring lower limit can be extended greatly, and improve its performance of antivibration effectively
· Simulation, digital signal are exported, can form a complete set and use with digital systems such as computer, DCS,etc.
· Range range is great, the pressure loss is little, accuracy is high
· Resist the acid, are able to bear many types such as rotten, high temperature, explosion-proof
· Can be used for measuring the steam of saturation, overheated steam, various gas, water and low viscosity, low-temperature liquid Brief introduction It have our company in the world for the most advanced one,it can used for measuring by liquid, gas, high /low temperature overheated to last steam, used in trades such as the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, papermaking, pharmacy, food,etc. extensively. LUGB The whirlpool street has the following characteristics: Ruggedized type: The eddy meter adopts and designs the advanced sensor to measure and dispel the vibrant influence of the external world fundamentally. The explosion-proof type is designed: Originally fitting Ex ibⅡ CT1-T6 separates exploding Ex dⅡ CT1-T6. Intelligent: Scene can revise the intersection of instrument and parameter and instrument range by bar magnet or the intersection of hand and person who speak, through good for manually. The precision is high: The liquid is less than or equal to & plusmn; 0.75% of the measurement value, the gas / vapour is less than or equal to & plusmn; 1% of the measurement value. Display mode: Can reveal the instantaneous flow of examining the medium and add up to the flow. Output the way: 4 –20mA electric current signal output / pulse signal and contact signal. Communication way: HART— Protocol communication agreement, HART— Protocol on-the-spot bus. Can realize measurement of 400 degrees of high temperature. Do not have movable part to connect the part of the liquid, sturdy and duable, non-maintaining. Can take one pair of sensors. Can realize 400 degrees of high temperature / 250 kilograms of high pressure. Original Reason The eddy meter is that the theory of whirlpool street was designed in the foundation with Karmen, flow through as fluid non- streamlined block body, already, block both sides of body, the swirl produces alternatively, such as Fig.:
The intersection of swirl and frequency and the intersection of pipeline and inner fluid this the quick direct radio flows equally, so is proportional to flow. Namely: Q=f/kIn the type: Q Until person who flow f whether the intersection of whirlpool and the intersection of street and the intersection of frequency and k take place frequency of body only and examine into the velocity of flow of the medium, have something to do for the intersection of instrument and the intersection of coefficient and swirl instantly, with having nothing to do the density / viscosity of examining the medium. The instrument coefficient is managed the geometirc size to confirm, have nothing to do with sensor and converter by the measuring of the instrument. The pressure change that the swirl produced alternatively causes by sensor reaction, and is detected signal of this frequency by the electronic circuit, give the microprocessor to carry on computing, realize on-the-spot digital display and 4-20mA electric current are exported. Technical parameter Measure mediums: Gas and water,etc. liquid of low viscosity such as the air, coal gas, steam, waste gas, able to bear the rotten flow meter and measure the medium viscosity of various corrosivity mediums: Smaller than 10cp medium temperature: -50 ℃& mdash; — +400 ℃noumenonn material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti (other material agreements are supplied) The sensor is sealed: The spacer ambient temperature of graphite: -30 ℃& mdash; — +80 ℃ is (as requested special) Nominal diameter: DN15— — DN 300 Measure the precision: Liquid: & plusmn of measurement value; 1% are (ordinary) ,& plusmn of measurement value; 0.5% are (special) Gas: & plusmn of measurement value; 1% Range than: 20: 1 Pressure grade: PN25, PN40 (high pressure can be made specially) Connection way: Grasping type: DN15 –DN 150 Flange type: DN15 –DN 300 Flow range: See the manual attached list protect the grade: IP 67 Converter shell: Press-cast aluminium, upper paint The voltage of power supply: 12— — 36VDC outputs signals: Make 4 in Line two –20mA electric current exported Can programme the pulse to export The frequency of whirlpool street of the sensor is exported Reveal live: Can programme and presume that reveal the instantaneous flow, accumulate flow and percentage flow The pipeline installs attentive matters 1 . The requirement for in charge of section directlying: In order to guarantee the instrument runs normally and accurately, there must be certain straight pipelines in the swimming from head to foot of sensor mounting point, in order to adjust flowing in the field, as shown. 2 . The flow meter should be installed before control device 3 . Pressure, temperature survey erection site 4 . Install horizontally, the temperature > 150 ℃When, propose pushing and pursuing to install 5 . The requirements for pipeline: 1.Go, is worthy of being in charge of the internal diameter D the same as sensor internal diameter DN in the low reaches, its difference meets the following conditions: 0.95DN is less than or equal to D and less than or equal to 1.1DN. 2. It should be concentric with sensor to mix the tube, the co-axle degree should be below 0.05DN 3. The sealed cushion can’t be projected in the pipeline, its internal diameter is slightly greater than the sensor internal diameter 4. Need blanking check and wash sensor, thread a pipe should set up, 6. To the vibrant requirement of the pipeline: The sensor tries hard to avoid installing in shaking the stronger pipeline, when have to install, must take and reduce and shake the measure, visiting 2D from head to foot and setting up the pipeline and fastening the device respectively in the sensor, and add the antivibration cushion. Pay special attention to: It is relatively strong to shake at the place where the air compressor exports to, can’t install the sensor, should install after the gas tank. 7 . Question apt to appear in installation Both sides of changer use the asbestos pad to seal ‘ Can not use the rubbery cushion) ,Or the asbestos pad internal diameter used is less than the internal diameter of the flow meter. 1. The internal diameter of the pipeline is inconsistent with the internal diameter of the flow meter, has not drawn back and expanded managing according to the regulation. 2. The flow direction on the flow meter indicates after installing that opposite to medium flow direction in the tube that or is inconsistent. 3. The flow meter of series LUGC measure the head and has not inserted in the centre of the pipeline 4. The heavy-calibre flow of installation times, move the amplifier directly with hands, cause the amplifier head to be damaged because of being overweight. 5. Beat the flow meter with the hard thing while installing, cause damage. 6. While welding, adopt the welder to weld the flow meter directly (do not adopt some weld the way) ,Make the amplifier damage.

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