FAG slips and imports the bearing

Jan 12th, 2012

Brand: FAG

Name: FAG slips and imports the bearing

Type: 6311

About products:

The intersection of Zhejiang and bearing, supplier of bearing, SKF of bearing, FAG of Ningbo, great to enlarge former factory import the bearing whole seller have

The products are detailed:

Slip the bearing that the bearing refers to working under sliding friction. Slip the bearing and work specifically steadily, reliably and having no characteristic of noise,etc.. Under the lubricated condition of the liquid, slipping the surface is separated by the lubricating oil without keeping in touch directly, can also reduce friction loss and surface to abrade greatly, the oil film also has certain sucking and shaking ability. The kind of slipping the bearing is numerous, there are several kinds as follows of its categorised method: According to be able to bear the loaded direction, can be divided a radial into ‘ To heart) Slip bearing and thrust ‘ Axial) Slip two kinds of bearings. Can be divided into oil lubricated bearing, lipoprotein lubricated bearing, water lubricated bearing, gas bearing, solid lubricated bearing, 7 kinds magnetic fluid bearings and electromagnetic bearings according to lubricant kind. Can be divided into two kinds membrane lubricated bearing and lubricated bearing of thick membrane according to lubricating the membrane thickness. Can be divided into a bronze bearing according to the axle bush material, casting iron bearing, plastic bearing, gem bearing, powder metallurgy bearing, from the lubricated bearing and sucking the oil bearing,etc.. Can divide into round bearing, oval bearing, three the intersection of oil and the intersection of leaf and bearing, bearing the ladder, can incline the intersection of tile and bearing and the intersection of foil and bearing,etc. according to the intersection of axle bush and structure. Slip the bearing to employ extensively, use different rolling bearings according to concrete different environments, such as the following: The working bearing very tall in rotational speed, such as grinding machine main shaft; Bear great impact and vibration loaded bearing, such as rolling mill roll; Require very accurate bearing, the bearing requiring the radial to be with small size; Assemble the occasion of bearing subdivision of the technological requirement, such as the bearing of the bent axle.

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