Feb 18th, 2012

Brand: FATEK is great – forever

Name: FBS-32MN

Type: FBS-32MN

About products:

4 點 the intersection of 920KHz and the intersection of 5VDC and bad the intersection of location and 輸 enter, 16 點 the intersection of 24VDC and the intersection of location and 輸 enter but the intersection of 達 and 20KHz, 8點總 and but 達 5KHz) ,The bad location 輸 of 4 點 920KHz 5VDC produces, the 8 點繼電 device 輸 produces, 1 RS232 or USB open 訊 port (can be filled to 5 to the greatest extent) ,It is annual to includes 萬, write 脫 and carry the sub platform

The products are detailed:

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It was 統’s chip (SoC) that FBs-PLC ground 發 by oneself for being great forever 製 was done, by the central 處’s paying attention to device (CPU) of chip integration of ultra ?2萬閘, hard Ti 邏輯處’s paying attention to device (HLS) 5 high speed open 訊 port, 4組 hard Ti 計 device / 計 device at a high speed at a high speed, 4軸 have frank 線補間、chase NC of 蹤, orient 輸, wave of 脈, produce and hit 與輸 and enter high 階 function hard Ti 電 way of catching etc. in a Ti at a high speed, make the speed faster, function and reliability are better, with the function in 級 PLC the most, dose

Persons who have 競爭 the most low and most.

Humanization the most, collecting with the order the most of function

The intersection of FBs-PLC and the intersection of order and ultra the intersection of 遖 nd above 300種, use humanization the most, but 讀輸 of the amount of height is entered most / the instruction format happens in many 輸, one order can 達 it the intersection of PLC and function that order could accomplish more in Cheng, make the intersection of form and old precise 簡, charge 結 fruit to can produce, make by department or the intersection of outside and 輸 directly with 運. 讀 respect, enter with 輸 of order while being every or 輸 produce end have function help 簡碼說 to be bright in form, 運 regard as yuans of location or

Person who hold, can avoid it brand PLC show take flax of 記, form very much and 讀 is the highest, efficiency is the best. Use respect in high 階, PLC網 the intersection of way and LINK, PID control, NC make a reservation for instance, the intersection of FBs-PLC and useful convenient the intersection of order and the intersection of 與 and their, reduce and use and hinder 礙 by a wide margin.

The intersection of Pi and the intersection of Ni and the intersection of circle and big coherent the intersection of 訊 and function, 5 the intersection of high speed and open the intersection of 訊 and port, most high speed have but 達 921.6Kbps at most, can connect interfaces such as RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet and GSM,etc.

Open 訊 port of SoC chip department of FBs-PLC, even with the maximum speed (921.6Kbps) in 訊’s port 5 times 運 make down, visit edge, have 餘 still. But 選 uses ASCII碼 or fast time second of 進碼 open 訊. Except that great open 訊 is fixed forever, Shang Ke 選 fixes with Modbus ASC II/RTU/TCP open 訊 or since 訂 open 訊 is fixed, have the intersection of 6種 and coherent the intersection of 訊 and board and the intersection of 8種 and coherent 組, mould of 訊, can support every different to spend its sex 選種 with FBs-PLC, with the intersection of 級 and PLC, open 訊 port most many, open 訊 fastest, most person function. In addition, all send (Tx) in each 訊’s port And receive (Rx) LED instruction,in order to helping last 錯狀user 監視.

Most 8組計 device (HSC) at a high speed 輸 is entered, supreme 計頻 rate 達 920KHz

FBs-PLC at most can have the intersection of 4組 and hard the intersection of Ti and at a high speed 計 device (HHSC) And 4組軟 Ti 計 device (SHSC) at a high speed ,HHSC supreme 計頻 rate 200 KHz (MC) Or 920 KHz (MN) ,Have functions of removing, hiding etc.. 計’s mode owns U/D in common, U/D x 2, P/R, P/R x 2, A/B, A/B x 2, A/B x 3, A/B x 4,etc. 8種, the function is exceeded, most effective. Like use A/B x 4 modes, can refer to the control result of every 轉 800 pulse Encoder equally such as Encoder of every 轉 200 pulse. And it walks by hard Ti, so not use CPU間. 4組軟 Ti 計 device (SHSC) at a high speed There are U/D, P/R, A/B three 種計 mode, 總 and 計頻 rate 5 KHz.

NC controls a Ti of +PLC, NC makes a reservation and uses 語’s speech, 脈 at a high speed of biggest 4軸

The wave 輸 appears (HSPSO) ,Rate it is supreme 頻 can 達 920KHz,it is make a reservation to control to last SoC chip in FBs-PLC not to 軸 and 與線補間 function NCs franks many, enable PLC +NC control and unify Ti, the 資 material which shares the department 統 of 資’s source province is handed in. NC makes a reservation and controls using 語’s speech of the order by making a reservation, can let the location or 電 location of tool instrument of 選 write the form, walking can change 變 to control. The biggest 4軸輸 appears, supreme 頻 rate 200 KHz (MC) Or 920 KHz (MN) ,Can make a lot of 軸 straight 線補間與 and chase 蹤. If cooperate with 4組 HHSC that FBs-PLC built, Shang Ke controls the high-speed localization of more accurate 閉迴 road.

Most 4點 wave degree 調變 (HSPWM) of 脈 at a high speeds 輸 appears

The intersection of SoC and the intersection of chip and hard the intersection of Ti and at a high speed the intersection of 脈 and the intersection of wave and degrees of 調變輸, 4組 of integration, of FBs-PLC portion produce, the intersection of 頻 and the intersection of rate and high 達 184.32KHz and 18.432KHz, analyze and spend 1% of the 與 0.1% fen. Different from general PLC, exchange of poor quality performance of PWM by the intersection of Ti and 簡 that 處 cut by 軟, hard Ti of FBs-PLC at a high speed precise making the characteristic by 穩 in at a high speed PWM, but way of 經 the most of the 讓 user, 達 reaches precise 緻細’s little control.

0.1mS accurate 計 device (HST) at a high speed of 獨’s step circle

FBs-PLC offers 0.1mS base PLC (have four 組 of 32bit at most, a 組 of 16bit) of a 計 device at a high speed in only circle at present . The intersection of circle and 計 device PLC offer base only 達 1mS fast most at present, it requires 較’s high shutting in precision, informal ample scope for abilities. The intersection of 0.1mS and at a high speed 計 device of FBs-PLC, because the intersection of base and the intersection of 誤 and bad 0.1mS its, cooperate with among them function and then, can 輕 finish the intersection of 輆 nd accurate speed or make the intersection of 頻 and the intersection of rate and 計 at off-site, the way of this all right 經 under most feelings, instead of holding the speed 設 of 貴 high.

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