Dec 3rd, 2011

Brand: AALBORG (U.S.A.)

Name: FDS4220/B

Type: FDS4220/B

About products:


The products are detailed:

Easy rich graceful mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. Germany STOBER Sri Lankan Germany rich electrical machinery China of Shanghai appoints the agent
(have needs can offer technical support)
Hot-line: 18679153012
Contact: Mr. Liu 18679153012
EMAIL: [email protected]
Commercial QQ: 308126171

So long as you offer the correct type Parameter Sequence number
I can give the preferential prices annually, the direct shopping center of Europe purchases, reduce the intermediate link, the price is favourable
Quality is guaranteed

Electrical machinery, STOBER, STOBER of Germany, moderate plane, STOBER moderate electrical machinery
Paul and Mr. Wilhelm Stober set up a piece of machine works in 1934, the first section of STOBER changed speed the driver introduced on to the city in 1943
The field, mark the establishment of STOBER, in middle period of the eighties, Mr. Bernd Stober incorporated digital technology in the product design, produce subsequently
Produced a series of products such as converter and servo controller,etc., introduced the module electrical machinery and produced the concept in 1993, the products of STOBER have already been sold nowadays
To the whole world.
Main products: Electrical machinery, servo system, controls the module, moderating machine,etc..
Type example: MDS5008/L , MDS5015/L, MDS5040/L, MDS5075/L, MDS5110/L MDS5150/L
STOBER gearbox / STOBER moderate electrical machinery / STOBER servo electrical machinery / STOBER servo driver / STOBER vector frequency converter and expand the board
Germany STOBER servo driver’s MDS5000 series type: MDS5004 MDS5007 MDS5008 MDS5015 MDS5022 MDS5040 MDS5075 MDS5110 MDS5150 MDS5220 MDS5370 MDS5450 MDS5550 MDS5750 MDS5900 Germany STOBER servo driver SDS4000 series type SDS4011 SDS4021 SDS4041 SDS4071 SDS4101 SDS4141 Germany Country STOBER vector frequency converter FDS4000 series type FBS4008/B SBS4013/B FDS4014/B FDS4024/B FDS4040/B FDS4070/B FDS4085/ B FDS4110/B FDS4150/B FDS4220/B FDS4270/B FDS4300/B German STOBER vector FAS400 series type FAS4008 FAS4016 of frequency converter FAS4009 FAS4014 FAS4020 FAS4028 FAS4038 FAS4050
Germany STOBER brand-new gearbox: K302AGD0230MQ30 i =23.292 C302N0125MQ30 I =12.4
1. MDS 5000 digital drivers(45kW 0.75kW) servo all
The interface friendship, it is accurate to make a reservation;

Can both control the synchronous servo electrical machinery and control and exchange the asynchronous electrical machinery ordinarily;

There is a new technology alone in the world, can control up to 4 servo electrical machineries in proper order only with a MDS 5000 servo driver.

2. is SDS 4000 digital drivers(1.5A-70A) servo all

It is accurate to make a reservation, powerful, the function including controlling, twining and controlling synchronously etc..

3 FDS 4000 frequency converter (0.37kW – 22kW)

Powerful, the function including controlling, twining and controlling synchronously etc.;

Can realize the asynchronous electrical machinery makes a reservation accurately, feels that follows and uses a servo one.

4 FAS 4000 vector frequency converter (0.37kW – 3kW)

Little power normal form vector frequency converter;

Can choose the firmware to upgrade, in order to realize stronger function.
Germany STOBER Sri Lankan Germany rich electrical machinery China appoints the agent ‘ Offer technical support)
Hot-line: 18679153012

Contact: Mr. Liu 18679153012

EMAIL: [email protected]

Commercial QQ: 308126171
Type range MDS 5008-5450 range 0.75-45KW of power inputs the three-phase 50HZ 400V +32% – 50% of the specified electric current voltage
The voltage 3 0V of 1.5-60A output – input frequency 0-400HZ four kinds of different electrical machineries of voltage output and control way VC = The ones that take the speed to feedback are high
The dynamic vector controls SLVC = The electrical machinery does not have sensor vector that control V/f =The frequency conversion of the electrical machinery controls Servo = The synchronous servo electrical machinery is controlled 1) Can already
Drive and exchange the asynchronous electrical machinery, can control the synchronous servo electricity machine 2) A driver can control up to 4 servo axles alternatively 3) Orient control / revolving stage
Control / mainly control / walk into the simulation 4) of the electrical machinery from synchronously Digital absolute value encoder (EnDat, SSI) With the increment encoder (TTL, HTL) Interface
5) One bunch of mouths of RS-232, uses USS agreement 6) Offer and select on the board, is used in communication function and end son and expand 7) The power of vast capacity, accelerate the high electric current
Up to 250%, it is enough to guarantee reliable 8) operated POSITool Windows software 9) Paramodul, inserts the pulling out type and stores the module, is used for storing
Store the procedure data.

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