Fit the frequency converter of Sichuan in high performance

Dec 8th, 2011

Brand: Yaskawa – Ann Sichuan

Name: Fit the frequency converter of Sichuan in high performance

Type: H1000

About products:

Accord with the most suitable specified specification of the use The double amount of Heavy Duty/Super Heavy Duty, can be chosen the most economic capacity according to the load characteristic

The products are detailed:


Expand the limitless possibility for you with high performance.
The whole Xin’an Sichuan ” H1000″ The frequency converter in year of heavy load, perform steadily in the heavy-duty industrial field outstandingly!
The leading drive performance in the industry, the ones that came from us to the products are absolutely self-confident.
The advanced electrical machinery drives technology, bring the high-efficient operation of the summit grade.
Incorporate each field of our technology, define the high-efficient convenient, safe drive criterion in environment protecting mode.
It can produce the specialty to the maximum extent according to different uses, no matter is credible in the control of performance!
Ann Sichuan is devoted to devoting the reliable quality of keeping improving even more for you all the time,
” H1000″ Cause and attain the posture to represent with it, your work of overall helping hand.

400V grade 0.4~560kW

Employ the trade:

Hoist or lower machinery
Coil machinery
Metal processing equipment
Carry machinery

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