Fit the servo system of Sichuan

Jan 19th, 2012

Brand: Yaskawa – Ann Sichuan

Name: Fit the servo system of Sichuan

Type: ∑ – series ( Go back to make the transition)

About products:

Remarkable mechanical performance, is under control! Relaxed and high-efficient work, it has already no longer been the dream, ∑ – serial servo drivers, can let you dream of coming true.

The products are detailed:

Servo ones that want and match systematically
There is abundant model and select to purchase one.

The servo electrical machinery variety matched with the machine is complete

Servo electrical machinery of China’s inertia Contribute to improving the stability of machinery
Servo electrical machinery of small inertia But high-speed realization is added and moderated

Various servo carrying out devices

Support DD electrical machinery

The standard allocates order shapes such as analog quantity, array order type of the pulse and MECHATROLINK – Ⅱ communication order type,etc.

It accords with the safety standard to mark and mix the products

Accord with the mechanical safety standard

There are many kinds of electrical machinery products, can meet extensive market demand and various uses

Have strengthened the vibration suppression function

Through increasing and improving the vibration suppression function, can improve and follow performance and shorten and exactly make time.
In addition vibration that still can reduce while driving ‘ Sound) And the vibration of mechanical front while stopping.

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