France SUNTEC, SUNTEC oil pump, France SUNTEC oil pump

Dec 30th, 2011


Name: France SUNTEC, SUNTEC oil pump, France SUNTEC oil pump

Type: AS47A1536

About products:

France SUNTEC, SUNTEC oil pump, France SUNTEC oil pump

The products are detailed:

SUNTEC oil pump, France SUNTEC oil pump
SUNTEC professional factory producing fuel pump in Company, replace Italy DELTA wait for similar related position last century will it be later stage the eighties, its product has been still occupying the important position up to now in the burning device formed a complete set and used.
Established on April 19, 1984. It to establish on 1934, produce including fuel pump products such as various liquid pumps inside,etc. the intersection of sundstrand and Company mainly in predecessor. After it established, SUNTEC expands the market rapidly, and in the 1990s last century, have occupied the related leading position of oil pump of the fuel burning device.
He sets up in America and Europe separately and produces the factory, oil pump and preheater produced can offer the fuel that 10-30000KW/H needs for fuel burning device.
The boiler uses the oil pump PUMP:
France SUNTEC Suntec – suntec: AJ6AC, AJ6CC, AJ6CE, J6CAC, J6CCC, J6CCE, J7CCC, J7CAC, J7CCE, E4NC, AS47A, AS47C, AS67C, AS67B, AS57D, AN57C, AN67C, AN67A, AN77A, AN77C, AL35C, AL65C, AL75C, AL95C, AE67C, AE97C, E4NA, E7NA, E6NA, E7NC, E6NC, TA2C, TA3C, TA4C, TA5C, TA2A, TA3A, TA4A, TA5A, T2C, T3C, T4C, T5C, T2A, T3A, T4A, T5A`
Oil pump of SUNTEC Suntec
AS series AS47A1536 AS47A7432 AS47C1538 AS47C1554
AS67A7466 AS67B7449 AS67C7446
AN series AN57C7282 AN67A7238 AN67A7345 AN67C1336
AN77A7255 AN77A7256 AN77A7391
AE series AE67C7285 AE97C7296 AE97C7390
AL series AL65C9588 AL65C9410 AL75C9411 AL95C9412
AJ series AJ6AC1000 AJ6CC1000
J Serial J6CAC1001 J6CCC1001 J7CAC1001 J7CCC1001
E Serial E4NA1069 E4NC1069 E6NA1069 E6NC1069
E7NA1069 E7NC1069 E7N A1001 E7NC1001
T Serial TA2A40105 TA2C40105 TA3A40105 TA3C40105
TA4A40105 TA4C40105 TA5A40105 TA5C40105
TV series TV-1001 TV-4001
T Serial T2A40105 T2C40105 T3A40105 T3C40105
TA4A40105 T4C40105 T5A40105 T5C40105

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