Frequency converter SMD serial common frequency converters ESMD222L4TXA of the thatch of human relations

Dec 3rd, 2011

Brand: Thatch of Lenze – human relations

Name: Frequency converter SMD serial common frequency converters ESMD222L4TXA of the thatch of human relations

Type: ESMD222L4TXA

About products:

The thatch of human relations SMD series frequency converter has offered the drive solution of a kind of simple, high cost performance for the fact that numerous foundations adjusted employing rapidly. While realizing flexible and reliable drive, users will not invest a large sum of more fund, but it is unnecessary to bring in practical application

The products are detailed:

It is simple, true —Face the foundation and adjust the application of speed Complete in specifications
· Power range: 0.25- 22kw
· The power is imported: 1AC or 3AC inputs
Voltage grade 208, 220, 240, 400V

Compact, save the space
· Without surplus assembly, the volume is only 50% of the original equal specification products.

Easy to operate
Users can presume to smd frequency converter, debug and operate through many ways
· Frequency converter panel button
· EPM programmable device

It is reliable to run
· Inhibit EMC from interfering with effectively: The built-in EMC wave filter of the single-phase frequency converter, three phases frequency converter can choose to carry and install formula EMC wave filter
· High overload capacity: The instantaneous overload is up to 180%
· Noise reduction runs: Can choose 10kHz while cutting the wave frequency
· The electrical machinery is protected in hot year: Control a stretch of built-in heat of stamen to protect the function, does not need to install the specialized hardware additionally, and is not limited by the rotational speed of output

It is practical to select one
· Dynamic brake unit : Dispose, apply the brake resistance, can install in the switch board together with frequency converter
· DIN installs guides: Used in the frequency converter, dynamic brake unit,etc. drives the fast installation of the part
· Carry and install formula EMC wave filter: Used in EMC interference inhibition of three phases smd frequency converter
· EPM programmable device: Can realize the programming of EMP stamen slice, presume and copy. Especially suitable for the changeable device application frequently
· The long-range panel : Can install in encapsulating the holding sheath up to IP65 of grade, realize long-range control. Its function includes: The getting up / stopping controlling of frequency converter, the electrical machinery is turned to and controls, control of speed and LED reveal
: Only suitable for the 8th of type code ” L” Frequency converter

EPM stamen slice – heart of smd frequency converter
There is smd frequency converter that operates all necessary parameters to dispose, utilize the button on the frequency converter panel in EMP stamen film, or EMP programmable device ( Select one) ,Can carry on parameter presuming and programming to EMP stamen slice. And can make use of EMP programmable device to realize the parameter between many frequency converters to copy. So, the parameter when being especially suitable for the use in enormous quantities sets up slice of this stamen in order to can be inserted and pulled out the stamen slice, so on condition that far away from the scene, too can pay, read and write with programmable device to EMP, and come into operation fast.

EMP programmable device
· The parameter of finishing EMP in 2s is copied
· Can store 30 drivers
· Can programme or establish the driver
· Can copy the procedure on the PC to EPM
· Can establish and store the procedure on the PC
· 8 buttons are operated, 16 characters reveal

Technical parameter
Power range: 0.25- 22kw
Input voltage range into ‘ Power frequency 48- 62Hz) : 1AC/3AC 200V/230V: 170V~264V
3AC 400V/480V: 320V~528V
Deployment way: PWM modulation of the sine
Overload capacity: 150% of sustainable year in 60s; 180% of sustainable year in 30s
Cut the wave frequency: 4, 6, 8, 10KHz
Output frequency: 0- 240Hz
Environmental condition: Consult EN50178 norm, 3k3 grade
Temperature range: In the storing process: -20° c – +70° C runs in the course: 0- +55° c( 40° Above c, raises 1& deg each time; C lowers and holds 2.5%)
Install it highly: Under 1000m above sea level: Need, lower, hold 1000m- 4000m above sea level: Rise 1000m each time, dropping holds 5%
Allow humidity range: <95%(???)
Shock strength: Most greatly accelerate the damping 0.7g
Encapsulate the grade: IP20
Protective measure: It short out protect, short to protect,overvoltage protection,it is if you can’t press, protect not to owe,electrical machinery be transferred to to be stopped up /overload protection
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) : Accord with EN61800- 3 / A11 norm
Noise radiation:
Under the following conditions, can reach EN55011 normal and fixed A grade standard:
· The built-in wave filter of the single-phase frequency converter, and install in the switch board
· Three-phase frequency converter allocate and give the installing wave filter a piggyback, and install in the switch board
· The electricity electromechanical cable length is less than 10m
The figure is input: 3 can programme, input, 1 get up, move / stop the order input into
The figure is exported: One can programme and export, output the largest voltage 30V of signals, the largest electric current 50mA
Simulation is input: Can programme the signal amplitude of the input voltage: 0- 5V, 0- 10V (electric current peak value of signal: 20mA) The electric current signal amplitude: 0- 20mA, 4- 20mA
Simulation is exported: One can programme and export, output the amplitude 0- 10V of the signal voltage, electric current peak value 20mA
The relay is exported: Can programme and export, the contact signal type is held frequently: AC250V, 3A or DC24V, 2A or DC240V, 0.22A
Communication way: RS485(LECOM) ,Modbus
The historical trouble is noted down; 3 times recently
Accord with the standard: CE , UL , Cul
: Only suitable for the 8th of type code ” L” Frequency converter

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