Frequency converter VLT2900 of Sri Lankan of Danfoss Denver

Jan 14th, 2012

Brand: Danfoss – Sri Lankan of Denver

Name: Frequency converter VLT2900 of Sri Lankan of Danfoss Denver

Type: VLT2982

About products:

0.55 -18.5 kW( AC380V) 0.37 -1.5 KW (AC220V is single-phase and three phases can be used, 50/60 Hz lies between the variable output between 0 and 1000 Hz

The products are detailed:

• VLT? 2900 can tolerate the unstable power.
• The voltage holds and limits to 380 – 480 V( -20/+10%)
• Can tolerate the power to drop.

High in efficiency, the caloric value is low (not need to use the fan in not exceeding the power range of 0.75 kW) .
If should strengthen cooling ability, can install the fin behind cabinet.

Function frequently of the built-in pendulum
Integrated pendulum function guaranteed the most ideal number of turns frequently, and more flexible than the reciprocal function of machinery.

The tape is coated PCB
PCB that the tape is coated lets the frequency converter resist the moist and aggressive environment.

VLT? 2900 aims at meeting the special demand of the Chinese market.
VLT? Series 2900 have incomparable flexibility.
Its function includes:
-The automatic motor is exactly fixed; Measure the motor parameter, so as to ensure the best match of frequency converter and motor, thus improve the application performance of the frequency converter.
-PID controller; Realize optimum course control.
-Stop starting / stopping; Guarantee the each accurate localization, and have high-level repeatability.
VLT? 2900 can run in all industrial environments steadily. Its every built-in function has given security for this, including:
VLT? 2900 frequency converters design to the advanced person and have commonability, it is apt to operate at the same time. Their swift menus basically include debugging all necessary parameters to the frequency converter.
It is all very swift and convenient to install and safeguard it.
The marks of all frequency converters have mixed and offered 485 interface of RS between open agreements Danfoss, do not need any other hardwares. Can monitor and control various application by PC. In addition reduce the advantage of connecting up, debugging and safeguarding the cost.

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