Fuji frequency converter drive plate / Fuji frequency converter driver module

Sep 9th, 2013

Brand-new CUVC board of Siemens Siemens MM4 faceplate Siemens faceplate

Frequency converter fittings: Fuji G11 / series P11, G9 / series P9: Repair piece storehouses such as EP3955 control panel, power panel, Rectifier Module, IGBT module,etc..

Drive plate / diode /last Fuji control panel, CPU board,power board, it drives that board is (low-powered)
G9-CPCB-4-5.5 G9-CPCB-4-7.5 G9-CPCB-4-11 G9-CPCB-4-15
G9-CPCB-4-18.5 G9-CPCB-4-22 P9-CPCB-4-5.5 P9-CPCB-4-7.5
P9-CPCB-4-11 P9-CPCB-4-15 P9-CPCB-4-18.5 P9-CPCB-4-22
G9-PPCB-4-5.5 G9-PPCB-4-7.5 G9-PPCB-4-11 G9-PPCB-4-15
G9-PPCB-4-18.5 G9-PPCB-4-22 P9-PPCB-4-5.5 P9-PPCB-4-7.5
P9-PPCB-4-11 P9-PPCB-4-15 P9-PPCB-4-18.5 P9-PPCB-4-22

G11-CPCB-4-5.5 G11-CPCB-4-7.5 G11-CPCB-4-11 G11-CPCB-4-15
G11-CPCB-4-18.5 G11-CPCB-4-22 P11-CPCB-4-5.5 P11-CPCB-4-7.5
P11-CPCB-4-11 P11-CPCB-4-15 P11-CPCB-4-18.5 P11-CPCB-4-22
G11-PPCB-4-5.5 G11-PPCB-4-7.5 G11-PPCB-4-11 G11-PPCB-4-15
G11-PPCB-4-18.5 G11-PPCB-4-22 P11-PPCB-4-5.5 P11-PPCB-4-7.5
P11-PPCB-4-11 P11-PPCB-4-15 P11-PPCB-4-18.5 P11-PPCB-4-22
Fuji control panel, CPU board, power board, drive the board (high-power, above 30KW)
Fuji G11/P11 control switchboard EP3955C
Fuji G11/P11 drives board EP3959-C1 EP3959-C3 EP3957-C3,etc.
Fuji G9/P9 control switchboard EP3496J-Z3,etc.
Fuji G9/P9 drives board EP3603A-C2-Z2,etc.

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