Germany EISELE moderating machine

Jan 7th, 2012

Brand: EI

Name: Germany EISELE moderating machine

Type: Complete

About products:

The intersection of Germany and EISELE moderate the intersection of machine and the intersection of Shanghai and the intersection of tip and photoelectric the intersection of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. and speciality sell plane of moderating, EISELE of Germany.

The products are detailed:

Germany EISELE moderating machine Sell Germany EISELE moderating machine in speciality of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. that the tip of Shanghai is the more photoelectric. Reinhold & bull; Mr. Isler established the first factory in Stuttgart of Germany in 1952, specially take the place of worker’s spare part for some productive enterprises, ” The moderating machine of the planet gear ” Carry on large-scale production as the key product. Originally, Isler just concentrates the market on Europe and American area, until 2001, began to sell on the market of Asia.
Germany Eisele is the highest imported epicyclic gearbox of China’s cost performance at present. Especially welding and cutting the trade. Isler’s planet gear moderating machine has larger speed ratio range and torsion to output ability, suitable for assembling servo and walking into the electrical machinery various, his efficiency of transmission is high, allow to input turning round high, with low noise ‘ 55~64 decibels) ,And there is compact, small weight, precision is higher, a great deal of characteristics that the long-life is lubricated, non-maintaining,etc.. Isler’s planet gear moderating machine can be applied to various numerical control special planes, experience and constant innovation for many years, are accompanied by the experiences of more than 50 years, the constant innovation of the products idea, and the attention to product quality and after-sale service of completion, Isler will become the ideal cooperative partner who meets your demand. If you are interested in this product, welcome to call to consult!

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