GMC50 contactor

Feb 17th, 2012

Brand: LG

Name: GMC50 contactor

Type: GMC-50

About products:

Series GMC exchange the contactor, is suitable for 50HZ or ( 60HZ) ,It mix can last 40-400HZ by coils special,from voltage to 660V, electric current it is under 630A in circuit,

The products are detailed:

Specialize in the intersection of LS and the intersection of alternating and direct current and contactor, wholesale and retail, deliver fast shipment on time, supply from stock.

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Applicable scope:
Series GMC exchange the contactor, is suitable for 50HZ or ( 60HZ) ,It mix can last 40-400HZ coils special,from voltage to 660V, electric current it is under 630A in circuit, used in the putting through and divides and break of main circuit, and is suitable for the frequently starting and controlling of the motor, can use with common electric equipment such as various relays together, is used in various electric equipment, electrical machinery, the circuit is controlled, with the auxiliary hoe group, the time delay very beginning of air, machinery interlocks etc. and makes up machinery and interlocks the contactor, star triangular starter, and can make up the magnetic force starter with the hot relay.

Structural characteristic:
Contactor, for assign while being stereoscopic, pair break, touch the head by some, the magnetic system buffers the structure for one pair of E-shaped core meeting head-on types.
1,The contactor has 3 to often turning on and touching the head, touch the head quantity auxiliarily: The products that Ie is less than or equal to 32A are at most that 2 opened 2 to close; The products that Ie is less than or equal to 45A are closed by the quarto 4;
2,Killing the arc system of the contactor: Ie is less than or equal to not killing arcly and covering and only separating the arc board of 22A; It has plastics to kill the arc room and contain the metal and kill the arc cover that Ie is greater than or equal to 32A.
3,It is assaulted that the insulating material is adopted the high, high temperature resistant plastics which is able to bear the electric arc with good performance of intensity, cause the products small, the insulating voltage is 660V and 100V.
4,All wiring screws adopt and take one’s own tile cushion screw, can save the time of wiring in a large amount.
5,The security of the contactor: The whole series of products can use the installation of screw, Ie can also adopt 35mm standard guide to imbed the way to install fast while less than or equal to the products of 32Aing, can save the time of installing in a large amount.
The condition of work:
1,The height above sea level is less than 2000m
2,The ambient temperature around: -25+55 ℃
3,The air relative temperature: Do not exceed 50% at +40 ℃, allow heavier relative temperature at the relatively low temperature;
4,Atmospheric condition: Will not cause the dangerous medium, will corrode the metal and destroy insulating gas and conductive dust;
5,At the place where have not waved and assaulted notably and shaken;
6,At the place where there is no sleet to attack.

Technical parameter:
LS exchanges the contactor very much three times –Exchange and control the voltage (GMC)

The capacity of electrical machinery of the type specified electric current assists the contact

Products type( The type fails to list and welcome to telecom one by one) :

Three contactors very much
GMC-6 1a or 1b
GMC-9 1a1b
GMC-12 1a1b
GMC-18 1a1b
GMC-22 1a1b
GMC-32 1a1b
GMC-40 1a1b
GMC-50 1a1b
GMC-65 1a1b
GMC-75 1a1b
GMC-85 1a1b
Three exchanges / direct current very much
GMC-100 2a2b
GMC-125 2a2b
GMC-150 2a2b
GMC-180 2a2b
GMC-220 2a2b
GMC-300 2a2b
GMC-400 2a2b
GMC-600 2a2b
GMC-800 2a2b

Four contactors very much
(direct-flow coil)
Reversible contactor
(exchange the coil)

GMD-9 (2)+AR-9
GMD-12 (2)+AR-9
GMD-18 (2)+AR-9
GMD-22 (2)+AR-9
GMD-32 (2)+AR-9
GMD-40 (2)+AR-9
GMD-50 (2)+AR-9
GMD-65 (2)+AR-9
GMD-75 (2)+AR-9
GMD-85 (2)+AR-

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