Grind China IPC-610L (PCA-6010VG / pair nuclear 2.7/1G/160G)

Jan 7th, 2012

Brand: ADVANTECH – grind China

Name: Grind China IPC-610L (PCA-6010VG / pair nuclear 2.7/1G/160G)

Type: IPC-610L

About products:

Mobile: 13618466396 Tel.: 0731-84587416 QQ: 214390423 Postbox: [email protected] contact: Yellow flat B-810 of Cyber Port of collection of hundreds of computers of Middle Road of refined people in Changsha of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

The products are detailed:

Machine case

IPC-610 (including the power)

Main board



Cool Rui E5300

Memory one

DDR2 1G Memory

Hard disk


Optical drive

DVD Optical drive

Keyboard /Mouse

A set of piece of photoelectricity

Main characteristic
It is 4U 14 troughs of framework installing machine cases high
Many kinds of power select
Heat with filter screen is inserted and pulled out 86 – CFM cools the fan
Can select ATX main board edition
Content introduction
IPC-610 is 19 ” The framework installs the industry computer machine case, design for key application of the task specially. The intersection of machine and case this can hold one 14 the intersection of bus and passive baseplate or main board, ATX of standard, PCI/ISA of trough, and support various power. The panel door that can lock can prevent visiting to the machine case in a situation that without permission. One heat insert, pull out, filter, cool fan, can enable air in the whole the intersection of plane and case keep pressing. The driver bracket that insert through its screw and the antivibration is installed, IPC-610 can work under assaulting, vibration and dust more abominable environments.

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