Grind the auspicious EWS-843V integrated work station

Feb 10th, 2012

Brand: EVOC – grind auspiciously

Name: Grind the auspicious EWS-843V integrated work station

Type: Grind the auspicious EWS-843V integrated work station

About products:

Mobile: 13618466396 Tel.: 0731-84587416 Fax: 0731-84587415QQ: 214390423 Postbox: [email protected] contact: Yellow flat B-810 of Cyber Port of collection of hundreds of computers of Middle Road of refined people in Changsha of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

The products are detailed:

The improving integrated work station / leading membrane keyboard / 12.1 ” LCD display / 6U height / 6 troughs of baseplates Where to buy Print Industrial environmental protection of service industries | Carefree high speed | The communication is limitless | Electric kingdom | Gymnasiums and stadiums | The tax accuses of the finance | Petroleum and petrochemical industry | Medical guarantee | E grade is taken precautions against | Rail transportation
    The products describe ” the highlighted LCD liquid crystal display, can expand the touch-sensitive screen relevant next the 15th of year
    The unique LCD module is designed, can take down alone, convenient maintenance and use
    Dispose the renovating type and design touching the mouse, the characterized system orients the way
    Multi-functional the intersection of membrane and keyboard ‘ 39 data type in the key and 10 function keys)
    Interface of two leading standard USBs
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    Grind auspicious EWS-843V

    Grind auspicious EWS-843V integrated work station,/IPC-6106P3(B) Industrial baseplate / PS-7271AT power

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