Gu Mei CM-GPRS wireless data transmission communication module Functions CM-GPRS such as long-range monitor test,etc.

Apr 17th, 2017

CM-GPRS adopts transparent Transport Protocol to combine with GPRS as the communication module of wireless data transmission, apply with our company PLC to the automated system together, realize automated system and GPRS network, wireless connections of GSM network. Through the programming software, carry on long-range programming to PLC and diagnose, realize the download function on the procedure; Meanwhile, the cellphone subscriber can realize control to PLC through SMS message service, CM-GPRS is especially suitable for the long-range application of controlling etc. of the distributed system.

Characteristic of the products

1,Four global and common module frequently, support UNICOM, move the intersection of GPRS and network, ordinary the intersection of Mobile and Carlos (the intersection of MICRO SIM and Carlos) Namely available;

2,Use the module of technical grade, the characteristic is steady, quality is guaranteed;

3,Support the module restart automatically when not having data transmission for a long time ‘ Set up small at 600 seconds in order to forbid and restart the function automatically) ;

4,Data transmission is opened transparent;

5,Interface of standard industry (RS-232/RS-485) ;

6,Support the lasting online mode, have re-dialing and heartbeat function of circuit break;

7,Support the local disposition;

8,Support message machine format receiving and dispatching, support the long-range message to set up the module parameter (message set up the parameter and support cryptographic authentication, prevent the disabled user from setting up parameter and rubbish message to interfere with) ,Support the intersection of the remote server and end set up the parameter ‘ Can open / close this function) .

Applicable field

Industrial control, remote sensing, remote measurement

Control in the computer lab of the unattended operation, warehouse

The pipe network is monitored

Data acquisition of the oil field, colliery and controlling

Failure diagnosis of the heavy-duty equipment

The others need application of wireless data transmission

Products parameter



Wireless parameter

There is no line standard


Standard frequency band

Frequently 850/900/1800/1900MHz four

Transmitted power

GSM900 class4(2W)

DCS1800 class1(1W)

GPRS Terminal Device

Class Class B

GPRS Multi-slot Class GPRS

Class 10

GPRS Coding Schemes

CS1- CS4

The aerial selects

I-PEX interface

Hardware parameter

Data interface

UART: 2400bps- 921600bps

Working voltage

DC 5- 30V

Working current

Average: 55mA- 90mA maximum: 750mA

Operating temperature

-25 ¡æ- 85 ¡æ

Store the temperature

-40 ¡æ- 125 ¡æ


90* 60* 32mm

Software parameter

Wireless network type


Work pattern

The transparent mode of transmission, the transparent transmission mode of the message, HTTPD mode

Set up the order

AT + orders the structure

Network protocol


The biggest TCP connects and counts


Users dispose

The AT command of the serial port, the network AT order, the message AT order

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