Gu Mei EX2N-70H touch-sensitive screen PLC integrated machine EX2N-70H

Mar 17th, 2017

1,Characteristic of the products
Logic control, analog quantity are (available) in Input/Output , the touch screen reveals an organic whole, the saving in space
Switch amount 20, light-coupled isolation, NPN type, common cathode that 24 enters at most
Analog quantity 12 enter 8, can be mixed, 12 precision at most
Type 0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA/PT100 / thermocouple / NTC
Analog quantity is exported: Available, the routine is that 0-10V/0-20mA exports, precision is 10
Support high speed counting, high-speed pulse, 485 communication
Adopt the pluggable terminal, support to encrypt specially
The touch-sensitive screen supports WINCE system, available to hold net mouth and audio frequency
LED 800* 480 definition in a poor light, the digital real color of 65535 colors

2,The type is named

EX2N – 70H- 10/16/20/24/30/32/38/40/44MT/MR/MRT – 12AD 8DA – EK/PT/NTC/V/A4/A0-V/A0-5P-2C1/C2-485/232

1 23 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1: Serial names series EX2N: PLC compatible Mitsubishi FX2N order

2: Display unit type 70H reveals it is the same as a touch-sensitive screen MT6070

3: Input/Output point several 10: 5 enters 5 or 6 and enters 4, 16: 8 enters 8, 20: 12 enters 8,etc.

4: Export type MT: The transistor-resistor logic is exported, MR: The electrical relay is exported, MRT: The electrical relays transistor-resistor logic is mixed and exported

5: The analog quantity or temperature inputs way: No. 1-12

6: Analog quantity exports 1-8 routes

7: Analog quantity / temperature inputs type EK: Hot couple PT: PT100 NTC: Thermal resistor

A4: 4-20mA electric current A0: 0-20mA V: 0-10V voltage

8: Analog quantity / temperature exports the type A0: 0-20mA V: 0-10V voltage

9: The high-speed pulse P represents 100K high-speed pulse, P2 represents 200K high-speed pulse, can do the pulses of No. 5 at most

10: Count and count C1 at a high speed to show it is counted that 100K is single-phase, C2 shows 100K biphase is counted

11: 485/232 of the communication interfaces are available; Touch-sensitive screen available to hold 1 232 or 1 485, PLC available to hold 1 232 or 1 485

3,Products parameter

Product series
Characteristic of the touch-sensitive screen
Size (inch)
Liquid crystal screen
TFT liquid crystal display, LED is in a poor light
Reveal the color
Real color, 65535 colors
800* 480
Luminance of the liquid crystal screen
450cd / ©O
Touch-sensitive screen
Resistance type
Storage facilities
Operating system
CoolMayHMI V3.88
PLC characteristic
Local switch amount
No. 24 is input at most, No. 20 is exported at most
Local analog quantity

No. 12 is input at most, No. 8 is exported at most

Space of procedure (keep permanently)
8000 steps
Numerical filtering time of input aperture
0mS to 60mS is adjustable
Implement speed of the basic instruction
Interface of communication
2 (programming RS232 once and RS485)
Programming software
Compatible Mitsubishi PLC programming software
Input the index (the figure)
Isolate the way
Rated input
7 mA
Logic 1 is (minimum)
Logic 0 (maximum)
1.5 mA
Input the index (simulation)
Input signal range
7 kinds
Response time
1 scanning period
0.1 ¡æ
Overall precision
¡À 1% (scale span)
Output the index (the electrical relay)
Contact capacity
Maximum 5A
Response time
About 10ms
Mechanical life is (non-loaded)
10 million times
Electrical endurance (load rating)
300,000 times
Output the index (the transistor-resistor logic)
Maximum output current
Maximum operating voltage
Working power
Isolate the voltage (the power – outside terminal)
Output the index (simulation)

Outcoming signal range
0-10V; 0-20mA
Analog quantity outputs way
No. 8 at most
Environmental condition
Operating temperature
-20 ¡æ- 60 ¡æ
Working humidity
5%- 90%
Storage temperature
-20 ¡æ- 70 ¡æ
Vibration frequency
10-57HZ 57HZ-150HZ
Vibration acceleration
0.075mm 9.8m/sz
Shake the sweep rate
0tc/min¨Q 1
Product specification
The industrial plastics are constructed

Dust of industry
The outer cover size
212* 148* 42mm
Trepan the size
194* 138mm
Electric power supply
Power rating
Peripheral interface
Serial port
1X232, there is available 1X232/1XRS485 besides
1 1 main fact from

4,Appearance and installation size

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