Half an interval stirs the switch (A6H-6101)

Jan 26th, 2012

Brand: OMRON – Omron

Name: Half an interval stirs the switch (A6H-6101)

Type: A6H-6101

About products:

The products supported are as the original packaging brand-new normal product!

The products are detailed:

Ultrathin half an interval surface holds and stirs the switch in fact Omron pulls out and moves the switch A6H characteristic as follows It is 1.55mm to realize the thinnest height of the rank of the industry Ultrathin 1.27mm, holds the area to reduce by 63% in fact. (compare with past products of our company) There is sealing bringing type that can be washed. Press lace and pack the specification. (inner wrapping) OMRON A6H-6101 Half an interval stirs the daily type tabulation of the switch: A6H-4101 A6H-4102 A6H-6101 A6H-8101 A6H-8101 A6H-2101 A6H-8102

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