HELM high-frequency pressure changer

Dec 22nd, 2011

Brand: HELM

Name: HELM high-frequency pressure changer

Type: HELM

About products:

HELM pressure sensor, HELM pressure changer, HELM liquid location sensor, HELM presses the changer of the sensor badly, HELM high-frequency pressure changer

The products are detailed:

HELM pressure sensor, HELM pressure changer, HELM liquid location sensor, HELM presses the changer of the sensor badly, HELM high-frequency pressure changer

Common electromechanical international trade (Shanghai) Sell on a commission basis and sell HELM pressure sensor, HELM pressure changer, HELM liquid location sensor in special price of limited company, HELM presses the changer of the sensor, HELM high-frequency pressure changer badly
HM29 digitization? It is the digitized intellectual products of a kind of high precision which Germany HELM developed to the market demand in China’s Mainland that the intellectual pressure / difference presses the changer, this series of products adopt Germany HELM most high-performance sensor chip, combine the single-chip computer technology and digital switch technology of sensor and is designed in meticulously. The key part adopts 24 MCU microprocessors of AD, its strong function and high-speed operation ability have guaranteed the fine quality of the changer. The whole design frame focuses on dependability, stability, high-accuracy and intelligent, meet the requirement that industry improved day by day employs live. The software kit of the products has a strong function too at the same time, do not need hand holding device, have guaranteed the good interaction. The treatment technology of the signal of Applied Digital, make it have fine ability to resist interference. And possess the automatic stability traceability (ZSC) of the zero point Compensate ability (TSC) with the temperature automatically .
HM91 miniature pressure sensor and the changer, for the requirement for is examined in the field and flow, lays the position or trends loudly frequentlying, must examine it while pressing in situ, often have a comparatively harsh requirement on microminiaturization of the external dimension of the sensor, and in cases a state flows in the interference that not, the change law of the field of pulsing and flowing of reproducing. HM91 miniature, ultrathin pressure sensor and changer just demand to design for the above-mentioned operating modes, this series of products have adopted silicon a pile of silicon technology of sensor of Germany HELM pressure, high precision integrates and pigeonholes the quick component of resistance, utilizes internationally advanced microminiaturization to make and encapsulate the craft, carry on exquisite and ingenious miniature encapsulation, make it small, compact, light, sturdy and duable, and have fine dynamic and inactive state characteristics.
Use of the products
Used for studying in aerodynamics extensively, aircraft and engine test and wind-tunnel test and hydrodynamics and water conservancy project test, contract the intersection of mould and testing, the hydraulic turbine and weapon testing, biomedical application underwater, melt and explode or nuclear while exploding a lot of research fields such as shock wave.

Characteristic of the products
Range in extensive range,from -100KPa-0-10KPa …6MPa …40MPa …Arbitrary range among 60MPa
Small, high frequency is responded to dynamically,
Dynamic strength sensor, the miniature pressure sensor minimum diameter is 2.54mm, the length is 3.77mm
The precision is high, can accomplish 0.1% FS at most
Temperature range wide, from low temperature -40 ℃ to high-temperature +120 ℃(can be to ℃+175) .
Long-term stability is good, are able to bear various abominable environments
Natural frequency is high: 20KHz- 2MHz
Can customize specially according to customer’s request

Performance parameter

Measure range – 100KPa – 0~10KPa 20KPa …6MPa 40MPa.. 60MPa
Overload capacity Full range pressure of 2 times
Pressure type Gauge pressure or pressing definitely
Measure mediums Gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
Comprehensive precision & plusmn; 0.1%FS ± 0.25%FS ± 0.4%FS
Natural frequency 0~150KHz 700KHz 0~500KHz 1MHz above 2MHz
Changer bandwidth 0~1KHz~3KHz 0~20KHz 0~200KHz
Time of rising 0~0.2mS mu 75&; S 0~12μ S 0~1μ S
Long-term stability model: ± 0.1% FS / year is the biggest: ± 0.2% FS / year
Working temperature Generally – from 40 ℃ to 85 ℃ It can be – from 10 ℃ to 120 ℃ to be special
The model of drifting about of the temperature of the zero point: ± 0.02% FS / ℃ are the biggest: ± 0.05% FS / ℃
The model of drifting about of the sensitivity temperature: ± 0.02% FS / ℃ are the biggest: ± 0.05% FS / ℃
Range of supplying power 12~36VDC (general 24VDC) ± 15VDC standard power
The signal is exported Sensor: 1.5~4.5mV/V changer: 4~20mA/0~5VDC
Load resistance Less than or equal to (U-12) /0.02Ω
The insulating resistance is greater than or equal to 1000MΩ (when 100VDC)
The outer cover is protected The cable thread is IP67 It is IP65 to connect the connection of the plug-in package

Linear vibration 10-2000Hz is sinusoidal wave, less than or equal to 100g
Resolution ratio Infinitely small ‘ Theory) ,1/100000 (usually)
Interface and shell Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti

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