HELM pressure sensor, HELM pressure changer

Dec 16th, 2011

Brand: saphymo

Name: HELM pressure sensor, HELM pressure changer

Type: HELM

About products:


The products are detailed:

HELM pressure sensor, HELM pressure changer, HELM liquid location sensor, HELM presses the changer of the sensor badly, HELM high-frequency pressure changer

Common electromechanical international trade (Shanghai) Sell on a commission basis and sell HELM pressure sensor, HELM pressure changer, HELM liquid location sensor in special price of limited company, HELM presses the changer of the sensor, HELM high-frequency pressure changer badly
HM29 digitization? It is the digitized intellectual products of a kind of high precision which Germany HELM developed to the market demand in China’s Mainland that the intellectual pressure / difference presses the changer, this series of products adopt Germany HELM most high-performance sensor chip, combine the single-chip computer technology and digital switch technology of sensor and is designed in meticulously. The key part adopts 24 MCU microprocessors of AD, its strong function and high-speed operation ability have guaranteed the fine quality of the changer. The whole design frame focuses on dependability, stability, high-accuracy and intelligent, meet the requirement that industry improved day by day employs live. The software kit of the products has a strong function too at the same time, do not need hand holding device, have guaranteed the good interaction. The treatment technology of the signal of Applied Digital, make it have fine ability to resist interference. And possess the automatic stability traceability (ZSC) of the zero point Compensate ability (TSC) with the temperature automatically .

Products summary

HM10 high precision pigeonhole the intersection of pressure and sensor of hindering etc., adopt, import the intersection of Company and advanced silicon, HeLM of Germany, pigeonhole the intersection of resistance and quick component, encapsulate, assemble, debug in stainless steel shell, outer covers and interface materials are the stainless steel, the medium compatibility is good, performance is stable and reliable, the precision is high, the terminal surface of sealed cushion is sealed. Characteristic of the products Measure the range: -0.1MPa …0~10kPa …70MPa All stainless steel structure The standard whorl guides and presses measurement way The source, constant pressure source flow permanently to supply power The laser adjusts and hinders and compensates zero point and full degree of temperature performance Select the solid state for use and press the hindering pressure sensor, high dependability, high precision Small, and it can be chosen that the structure is various informative Application of products Pressure measurement of the angry, liquid medium of various dynamic and inactive states Car electron Aero-Space The atmospheric pressure is controlled Ventilating system Industrial measurement Performance parameter Measure the range

-0.1MPa~0~10KPa …70MPa

Overload capacity

Range of 2 times of excessive pressure

Power supply

1.5mA DC

5- 10V DC constant pressure

The zero point is exported

0± 2 mV DC

0± 2 mV DC

Full range is exported


70~110mV DC

Measure mediums

Gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel

Comprehensive precision (the linearity, repetitiveness, sluggishness)

± 0.1%FS

± 0.25%FS

± 0.5%FS

Long-term stability

Less than or equal to & plusmn; 0.1% FS / year

Working temperature

-40- 85 ℃

Compensate the temperature

-10- 50 ℃

Temperature performance

The coefficient of temperature of the zero point: ± 0.02% FS / ℃(typical value) ± 0.04% FS / ℃(maximum)

The coefficient of temperature of the sensitivity: ± 0.02% FS / ℃(typical value) ± 0.04% FS / ℃(maximum)

It is hot and sluggish

± 0.1% FS / ℃(typical value)


Outer cover: Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Diaphragm: Stainless steel 316L

Cable: Polyvinyl chloride cable

Seal: Fluorine rubber seals the circle

The electricity is connected

PG7 cable wired

Connect the plug-in package DIN43650

Response time

Less than or equal to 1 ms

Insulating resistance

100MΩ /500VDC

The outer cover shelter grade

IP67 (cable type)

IP65 (socket type)


About 250 grams


In 10gRMS, there is no change under 20~2000Hz condition


100g, 11 milliseconds


Pressure 1 108 is circulated

Medium compatibility

Gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel

Selecting type of the products


High-accuracy pressure sensor

Pressure type

Gauge pressure (G does not mark) ; Press (A) definitely ; Seal and consult pressing (S)


(0 X KPa or MPa)


Comprehensive the precision ‘ Linearity + repetitiveness + sluggishness)


± 0.5%FS


± 0.25%FS


± 0.1%FS


Power supply power


1.5mA DC flows permanently


5~10VDC constant pressure


The signal is exported


0± 2mV~90± 20mV


Add the function


Whorl outside M20x1.5


Whorl outside G1/4


Whorl outside 1/4NPT




Cable type ( IP67, 2m)


Aviation socket type ( IP65)


Qi Ping’s membrane type


Originally fit explosion-proof type Ex iaП CT5

HM10 ( 0~200KPa) — 1 — D2 — V1 — F2— W1— E High-accuracy pressure sensor

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