HOLIP frequency converter HLP-B vector type

Jan 19th, 2012

Brand: Profit of HOLIP – sea is general

Name: HOLIP frequency converter HLP-B vector type

Type: HLP-B04D043P20

About products:

The high-performance vector type frequency converter of frequency converter VLT platform of Sri Lankan of Denver: Power range ( Biggest 415KW) : Single-phase 220-240V 0.37-2.2KW, three-phase 220-240V 0.37-3.7KW,

The products are detailed:

Power range ( Biggest 415KW) : Single-phase 220-240V 0.37-2.2KW three-phase 220-240V 0.37-3.7KW three-phase 380-480V 0.75-22KW is user friendly: Have two independent control menus, can pass the end son or convenient switch of communication, and can duplicate the parameter between the menus and facilitate user’s application in different occasions. Reveal the interface friendship, can monitor pressing, frequency of the electrical machinery and various input of electric current of the electrical machinery, electric electromechanics and export the state, reveal various trouble information. Compact books type structural design, installation, save the installation spaces of users but side by side, and offer the keyboard to introduce from other localities or foreign countries and install a set of piece. Have FC and MODBUS RTU two kinds of communication agreements, it is extremely apt to make up centralized control. The wide voltage is designed, can adapt to the voltage of various electric wire netting. 22KW and lay, dispose, apply the brake crystal, save the cost for users. Extremely good control performance: The upgrading of MCU has offered faster processing speed, stronger function, the response speed of the great improvement frequency converter. Adopt VVC + vector control, turn on the rotational speed of ring the precision can reach ± 8 rpm control, ‘ 30 – 4000 rpm) ,The precision can reach ± 0.15 rpm (0-6000 rpm) to close the rotational speed of ring when controlling . Have extremely good torque characteristic, start the torque as 150% (0.5Hz) ,The torque of overload is 160% ( 60s) ,180% ( 1s) . There is electrical machinery that studies the function (AMA) by oneself ,Can obtain the electrical machinery parameter accurately, control performance rationally. It is high and supporting and compensating the function at a low speed, set up appropriate compensation and can guarantee the smooth, steady operation of the electrical machinery when load fluctuates. Dispose the simple and easy PLC controller ‘ Including the order is controlled, run side by side and controlled) ,Can realize various logic control, reply and use carrying the sub function. There is excellent frequency that follows the trail of the function, the frequency converter loses the twinkling of an eye when the electricity has electricity again, operation frequency and the presuming value arrives with higher speed that can catch the electrical machinery within extremely short time. Have slippery difference compensation functions, to assaulting load, can guarantee the electrical machinery rotational speed is invariable. Have automatic the intersection of province and the intersection of energy and function, in operation, can according to the intersection of load and the intersection of power and automatic output power of frequency converter, in order to save energies. Multi-functional end son: 6 No. digital the intersection of input terminus and son, DI4 can receive pulse signal, might pass arrangement of the parameter choose high or low prices level (PNP/NPN) among them Control. Analog quantity input terminus sons of No. 2, can be chosen as the voltage or electric current signal through the parameter. Analog quantity output end sons of No. 2, among them VI can be chosen as the voltage or electric current and exported (cooperate with line switch) through the parameter ,AO exports for the electric current. Digital quantity output end sons of No. 2, among them DO1 can be exported with the pulse. 2 groups of relays are exported, reaches 67 kinds of functions to choose, help users choose. High dependability: Have, owe, press protection, overvoltage protection, pass, flow protection, overload protection, output, lack the intersection of person who protect and many kinds of protection functions. The outstanding tunnel designs guaranteeing to dispel the heat best, has strengthened the adaptability of the products under the abominable environment. Built-in AC chock, less than 18.5KW and puts the resisting device of direct current, great interference and harmonic wave of radio frequency of inhibition are interfered with. RFI switch, can choose different making, closing the mode according to the requirement for leaking electric current. The electronic heat moves the electricity to select (ETR) The function, can protect heat to the electrical machinery automatically. Standard configuration tape coats the circuit plank, guarantee still more longer service life and still more better dependability. Select the fittings to duplicate the card: Help users upload and the parameter of downloading frequency converter. I/O expands the card: Can expand to 11 pieces of digital quantity and something small and hard and 4 digital quantity output end sons of input terminus through should nip ing. PG card: Including ordinary the intersection of PG and Carlos and difference divide into PG card, helps users form and close the rotational speed of ring to control. The keyboard introduces a set of piece from other localities or foreign countries: Respect users introduce the keyboard of the frequency converter from other localities or foreign countries and use;

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