Horse series ( Pulse order type)

Feb 23rd, 2012

Brand: Yaskawa – Ann Sichuan

Name: Horse series ( Pulse order type)

Type: J1000

About products:

Small volumes ultra,and can side by side installation,last volume. Can presume the parameter briefly under the circumstances that the parameter presumes the mode. Can confirm, alter, dispatch from the factory check-up function to set for the parameter already briefly. The standardized product accords with RoHS ‘ Europe

The products are detailed:

Use the specialized strip USB copy Entrance ‘ Choose one) ,Can manage the parameter presuming value of several frequency converters together through the computer. Because the parameter that can back up the frequency converter briefly presumes the content, it is unnecessary that takes the computer to the scene, so long as manage on can take the parameter back to the office ing by copying the unit.

Operate briefly

Can presume briefly the frequency converter operates the necessary basic parameter under the circumstances that the parameter presumes the mode. ” so long as wiring can be used ” Convenience. Dispatched from the factory the parameter presumed, the check-up function (comparative function) that can be confirmed to already altering briefly .

Capacity range
Single-phase 100V: 0.1- 1.1kW
Three phases 200V: 0.1- 5.5kW
Single-phase 200V: 0.1- 2.2kW
Three phases 400V: 0.2- 5.5kW

Small-scale air blower, feed water pump, small-scale pumps such as the oil pressure pump,etc., conveyor belt,etc. carries machinery small-scaly, automatic the intersection of rolling screen and door, food machinery, with machinery, the intersection of health and utensil, hoist or lower device, mixer, centrifugal separator, person who grind,etc., rotate body machinery while being small-scale agriculture.

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