HPVFS separates and explodes the frequency converter

Dec 31st, 2011

Brand: HAPN – peace

Name: HPVFS separates and explodes the frequency converter

Type: HPVFS separates and explodes the frequency converter

About products:

Separate, explode and concurrently person who fit frequency converter our company collect frequency conversion transfer the intersection of speed and technology and anti-blast technology of electricity in the integrative high-tech products originally, can four quadrant run, suitable for, exchange 50/60Hz, specified the intersection of voltage and asynchronous motor heavy load of 660/1140V carry on one’s shoulder or back softly

The products are detailed:

Main characteristic: 1. Can regenerate, control, when it is used on the system that the inertia load or hoist employs but 70~90% energy-conservation; 2. Can control unit power in factor ” 1″ (cosφ≈ 1) ; 3. The harmonic wave is controlled and reduced to less than 2% at most; 4. Many motors drive the control device; 5. Change and turn towards and moderate and control the function; 6. Stop the torque and control the function: Under stopping the state, 150%-200% of the torque can take place; 7. Tune the function up automatically; 8. Various function and flexibility is started; 9. Various parameter editors and controlling the hold function of the data (in 24 hours before trouble) in real time ; 10.The mistake chases the mark function; 11.The high-efficient trouble solves the function: Various control variables such as the first input voltage, electric current, frequency, input power, temperature of second takes place and follow and break the data to record the function to keep the trouble. Main performance parameter: 1. Input the voltage 660/1140V AC of the power, fluctuating range ± 10% 2. Frequency 50/60Hz, fluctuating range ± 10% 3. Grade 5.5kW 630kW4 of the power. Add the time of moderating 0~3000s5. Frequency of the signal carrier 0.8~10kHz can regulate 6 automatically. Power factor can set for ‘ Such as cosΦ=1)7. Start the torque: There is no sense vector to control, 150% (0.5Hz) The thoughts vector is controlled, 200% ( 0Hz) 8. Basis frequency: Imitate I/P: 10 resolution ratios, 0.1% panels of consulting value of precision ±: Resolution ratio 0.01Hz/0.1Hz9. Accelerate time: V/F controls: -Do not have sense & and has a sensor vector to control on 0.53000.0 [sec ]: -Employ the occasion on 0.003000.00 [sec ]: This product is used mainly in the colliery or the open-air mine in the pit, port quay, heave- load of selecting coal worksing, power planting,etc. transporting equipment soft to start, not soft to park and run course control in the abominable environment, and the bringing control of conveyer, scratch board conveyor, coal feeder, air blower, water pump and oil pump,etc. apparatus in the pit of colliery.

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