HX-T83 series liquid location changer

Jan 7th, 2012

Brand: Auspicious instrument of the sunshine

Name: HX-T83 series liquid location changer

Type: HX-T83

About products:

This kind of changer is according to the reaction principle of the electric capacity, when it is drawn and measures the high change of the electrode that the medium examined is soaked, cause the change of its capacitance. It can convert various liquid high-level changes of location medium to the standard electric current signal, reach and operate the control room far, it is good

The products are detailed:

First, characteristic
1,Measure the liquid location of the corrosivity medium
2,Measure the liquid location of the high-temperature medium
3,Measure the liquid location of the sealed container
4,Have no relations with viscosity, density, working pressure of the medium
5,Measure the conductive medium
6,It is convenient to install
Second, main technical indicator
1,Measure the range: 0-0.2-50m
2,Precision: 0.5%F.S
3,Export: Make 4-20mADC in Line two
4,Load resistance: 0-500?
5,The adjusting range of zero point: Greater than or equal to 30% F.S
6,The adjusting range of range: Greater than or equal to 40% F.S
7,Ambient temperature: -20 ℃- +70 ℃
8,The voltage of power supply: 24VDC
9,Measure mediums: Non- crystalline conductive liquid such as at least 10-3S/m acid of conductivity, alkali, water
10,Medium temperature: -50-240 ℃
11,Allow the container pressure: -0.1MPa-32MPa three, attentive matters
1,The location changer of the liquid should be put in the liquid location of container vertically, the electrode and distance of container wall> 10cm
2,Measure the medium with container liquid location or having volatile gas to produce of the agitator, measure electrodes ‘ Patchcord) Should add and protect managing, protect and is in charge of the internal diameter> 30mm, the slight fluid can demand to increase the counterweight.
3,Please don’t scratch and measure the crust of the wire in the course to measure otherwise cause the short circuit to export.
4,This product is not strong to interfere with the occasion.

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