HYT series liquid resistance governor

Mar 7th, 2012

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Name: HYT series liquid resistance governor

Type: HYT series liquid resistance governor

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HYT series liquid resistance governor

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The HYT series liquid resistance governor is for the building materials, metallurgy, the intersection of ore and the intersection of L LI, sugar refining,etc. and air blower, water pump, rolling mill, pigeonhole rolling mill to turn into load wind the line electrical machinery and high performance that design specially soft to start and transfer the speed apparatus apparatus of trade, it achieves the goal of regulating the electrical machinery rotational speed through changing the transferring to difference rate of the electrical machinery.
Adjust the speed electrodelessly, the easy accusing of of liquid resistance is good, the hindering value is changed smoothly, does not assault to the electrical machinery, and through presuming can stablize rotational speed in the arbitrary value, there is not electric current that is assaulted; Adjust the speed ratio 2: L, can also be up to 3: L, it is here as to the utilization ratio of air volume 60% – 80% Operating mode,economize on electricity result can reach l 5% – 40% , Than 3 8% higher of hydraulic coupler, are second only to the result of the frequency converter; Act as at the same time softly and start the function, and it is smaller than 1 to start the electric current. Specified electric current of 3 times, start steadily, the low-voltage can still be started; It is flexible to install, simple in construction, it is convenient to maintain, cooling water quantity is 50% more than the hydraulic coupler, investment is small, and have long performance life; Many kinds of protection functions of acting etc. that there are the starting overtime, the liquid is ultra and warm, ultra journey of the polar plate, lose pressing, contactor; It is high to adjust the speed precision, can realize analog quantity closes the control of ring.
Start electric current Iq <1.3Ie(A)
Adjust the speed ratio Air blower, pump load, about 2: l
Operate the economizing on electricity rate Air blower, pump load about 1 O- 30%
Power factor Rolling mill load COSφ can improve O. 1 8- O. 22 (compare with one bunch of reactors)
Normal working temperature of the electric liquid 5- 75 ℃
Protect the grade: IP20, IP30

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