IC flows permanently in the weather little LED TM1806 in a poor light of the low price

Mar 9th, 2012

Brand: Zlpower – hit dragons

Name: IC flows permanently in the weather little LED TM1806 in a poor light of the low price


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IC flows permanently in the weather little LED TM1806 in a poor light of the low price

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Day microelectronics Mr. T E L Chen: 0755-61866250-6603 MOBILE: 134 1057 1175 Q&Q: 3744 7688
TM1806LED in a poor light drives IC to be that one export electric current programmable LED and flow to drive IC permanently, it offers the flowing in the output passway permanently of 6 pieces of same electric current. Offer FB to feedback the pin to point out the passway (on OUT1-OUT6 pin) Minimum output voltage of China. Users only need a peripheral resistance and set up the output electric current of every passway, LED in a poor light drives IC electric current range from 10mA to 60mA
Adjustable, reduce users’ cost of goods greatly. For convenience control, TM1806 has offered the effective OE control end of a high level, can also transmit PWM signal from OE end in order to control the luminance of LED at the same time. Chip enter the mode of awaiting the opportune moment when not prohibiting can state keep more than 20ms continuously ‘ Inside guards the gate dog’s function is launched) . Expose light IC some light sources IC
The chip temperature exceeds 150& deg; At the C, inside ultra to protect the intersection of function and movement while being warm, with prevent from the intersection of chip and temperature too high damaging. Expose light IC some light sources IC
Characteristic: LED in a poor light drives IC6 one to flow and export the passway permanently Expose light IC some light sources IC
LED in a poor light drives IC to output the electric current precision: & plusmn among the passways; 3%, & plusmn among the chips; 7%
LED in a poor light can be adjusted to output the electric current by the peripheral resistance while driving IC
LED in a poor light drives IC to flow and output the range permanently: 10mA~60mA.
LED in a poor light drives IC extremely wide power voltage to input the range: 6V~50V.
LED in a poor light drives IC to export ports and able to bear pressing: 75V.
LED in a poor light drives IC FB to feedback the foot and is used for closing the ring to control.
Dog’s function that the inside of IC 20ms guards the gate that LED in a poor light drives.
LED in a poor light drives awaiting the opportune moment in the electric current of IC 1uA.
Encapsulate: SOP16 exposes light IC some light sources IC
Application: ? ? Light in the car? ? The corridor, room lighting? ? The cell phone, portable DVD player, the liquid crystal TV waits for LED in a poor light to drive light IC some light sources IC of IC exposure
TM1806 the intersection of Shenzhen and it former the intersection of factory and 6 passway bring feedback control LED to flow, drive IC TM1806 Shenzhen it former the intersection of factory and 6 passway lead feedback control LED to shed, drive the intersection of IC TM1806 and heaven while being permanent a little while being permanent a little The a little former factory 6 passways of LED flows to drive IC permanently
TM1806 little and LED in a poor light to flow while being permanent it IC low price heaven little LED TM1806 in a poor light IC sheds permanently
Hello, this side of mine is Xiao Chen of the microelectronics on day, our company is Shenzhen IC former factory, collect and design producing and selling an organic whole, mainly supply LED and drive IC, mainly applies to single one and exposes the light as TM1803, TM1804 is used mainly in some light sources, TM1809, TM1812 is mainly applied to managing in the light string, guardrail, can replace counterpart 1909, 1912 directly, it can there is be TM1816 directly if you can’t replace, expose on light IC some light source ICDM134/135, 5020/5024. TM1808,need one-chip computer not to can last lights meteoric TM1831 directly. TEL: 134 1057 1175
Please click to understand more product information circuit diagram materials http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/2425517780
The microelectronics TM16xx series products are that one kind is used in drive IC that LED number rejecting, digital tube reveals on day, the cost performance is high, can substitute 74HC164, 74HC595, AM4094, digital tubes with tedious tradition such as 74HC374,etc. drive the circuit, it need TM16xx it add by triode and drive directly it in charge of LED number /reject LCD number,can’t and drive by large electric current (brightness adjustable of 8 grades) . The one-chip computer procedure only breaks a RAM datum, without the scanning, and there is interface of keyboards, Line 3 or interface of serial one-chip computer of Line 2, save hardware and software resource of the one-chip computer very much. 2 or 3 I/O can drive more than ten Section get high to reach 120 multistage display easily, the game machine controls LED to show and drive, the button keyboard scans IC
TM2291 whether one have the same human infrared to sense signal, deal with IC reaction of performance with BISS0001. TM2291 totally substitutes BISS0001, does not need to change board and low consumption, use directly. The producer sells directly to households, the price is cheaper a lot than BISS0001, welcome to ask for kind and order! Employ: TM2291/ BISS0001 it mix fever for Israel, clear up the intersection of electricity and infrared sensor and connect components and parts, form heat of passive form, clear up the electricity infrared switch on a small quantity. It can turn on all kinds of white roast meat light, fluorescent lamp, buzzer, automatically-controlled door, electric wind, drying-machine fast automatically and wash devices such as the hand pool,etc. automatically, especially suitable for sensitive areas such as the enterprise, hotel, corridor of the store, storehouse and family,etc., or automatic light, illumination and warning system used for safe area
The light IC TM1808 of meteor shower replaces UCS1212 directly, TM1811 replaces UCS1216 directly, adds the one-chip computer instead of TT6016/HL1616/DM134.
LED expose light to be IC
Our company mainly produces and sells LED/LCD to light and reveal that drives IC electric energy to measure and manage IC power and manage 100 left fund products such as IC industrial control specialized series IC,etc., used in more LED double-colored to reveal and reject LED to expose the light while being full-color in form year such as car; It is exposed that full-color; Mould group LED; LED picture element light; LED some light sources; LED light one; The guardrail is managed; LED gives out light the word DVD electromagnetism stove electron claims the industrial view lighting LED reveals

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