Italy imports COMAR condenser

Dec 17th, 2011

Brand: Comar

Name: Italy imports COMAR condenser

Type: ELP electricity electrolyzes the electric capacity

About products:

It is an Italian COMAR Golden Horse electric capacity agent that Shenzhen is have brilliant Science Technologies Co., Ltd. match, the price of advantage, service customer, inquiries are welcome! Tel.: 0755-86307755 13620216645 Yan Tao

The products are detailed:

Italian comar Golden Horse electric capacity

Italian comar electric capacity, the electric capacity of Italian Golden Horse. Import the electric capacity

CME AS 200-250
ELP 450/500 2200
MKA 450-40
CME AS 100-500
ELP 450/500 4700
CME 133-500
MKA 450-6
MKA 450-12
MKA 450-14
MKA 450-20

Italian comar high-power electronic electric capacity
CME-AS series condenser 250-550V AC/ 400-900V DC
CME-NO AS series condenser 250V AC-400V DC / 300V AC-480V DC / 440V AC-750V DC / 550V AC-850V DC
CTB series condenser 220V – 525V
ELP series condenser 100uF-68000uF
MK-AS series condenser 15.5uF-84uF

Italian comar lamps and lanterns use the condenser
MFA 250V,2-55UF
MFE 250V,2-55UF
MFS 275V,0.01-2.2UF
MKM 250V,1-100UF

Italian comar motor starts and operates and uses the condenser
EL 250V,25-400UF
EL 320V,25-315UF
MK 450V,1-80UF
MKA 450V,1-100UF
MKM 250V, 450V 1-100UF

Compensate the three-phase condenser in Italian comar power factor
CS series 380V – 460V
CT series 220V – 550V
CTB series 220V – 525V
CTM series 220V – 525V
Series MC 415V
The factor compensates the mould group of the three-phase electric capacity

Italian comar harmonic filter
FA3 serial harmonic filters
FA-05 serial harmonic filters
FAM serial harmonic filters
SAF serial active harmonic filters

Correct the apparatus in Italian comar power factor
EMR series electric capacity controller 230/400V
MPR series electric capacity controller 400V
QR series electric capacity controller 230/400V
QSR series electric capacity controller 230V, 400V

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