JSCC grinds the electrical machinery smartly

Feb 10th, 2012

Brand: Electrical machinery of Nation of Taiwan

Name: JSCC grinds the electrical machinery smartly

Type: JSCC grinds the electrical machinery smartly

About products:


The products are detailed:

JSCC grinds the electrical machinery smartly

The electrical machinery power: 6W- 2200W
Single-phase voltage: 110V- 220V
Three-phase voltage: 220V- 380V
Reduce the speed ratio: 1/3- 1/1800
The rotational speed of output: 0.1- 1450r/min
Export the torsion: 0.1- 2000N.m

1: The right angle moderates the electrical machinery divides into empty mandrel RC type and solid shafting RT type.
(hollow shaft hole internal diameter is ¢ 15¢、 17, ¢ 22 three kinds, axle of solid shafting is ¢ 12, ¢ 15 and 1 kilogram of ¢ and plant directly) .
2: The right angle moderates the electrical machinery adopts Grayson’s arc tooth structure, transmits the big torsion, bearing capacity is 2 times of the standard gearbox, sturdy and duable.
3: The characteristic of the electrical machinery that the right angle moderates: Output shaft and electrical machinery part become 90& deg; Right angle, so can be used for the passive axle part setting up the electrical machinery vertically,
Further install the space sparingly.
4,Can according to need apolegamy transfer speed with electromagnetic to brake function.

The following are some types:


Governor: SPC2000E/SNT2000E/SPC1000E/SPC2000A/SNT1000E/SNT2000A

60YS06GV22 60YS06GY22 60YS06GY38 60YS06DV22
60YT06GV22 60YT06GV11 60YT06DV22 60YT06DV11
60YB06GV22 60YB06GY22 60YB06GY38 60YB06DV22
60YF06GV22 60YF06GV11 60YF06DV22 60YF06GV11

70YS15GV22 70YS15GY22 70YS15GY38 70YS15DV22
70YT15GV22 70YT15GV11 70YT15DV22 70YT15DV11
70YB15GV22 70YB15GY22 70YB15GY38 70YB15DV22
70YF15GV22 70YF15GV11 70YF15DV22 70YF15GV11
70TP06GV22 70TP06GV11

80YS25GV22 80YS25GY22 80YS25GY38 80YS25DV22
80YT25GV22 80YT25GV11 80YT25DV22 80YT25DV11
80YB25GV22 80YB25GY22 80YB25GY38 80YB25DV22
80YF25GV22 80YF25GV11 80YF25DV22 80YF25GV11
80TP010GV22 80TP10GV11

90YS40GV22 90YS40GY22 90YS40GY38 90YS40DV22
90YT40GV22 90YT40GV11 90YT40DV22 90YT40DV11
90YB40GV22 90YB40GY22 90YB40GY38 90YB40DV22
90YF40GV22 90YF40GV11 90YF40DV22 90YF40GV11
90TP20GV22 90TP20GV11

90YS60GV22 90YS60GY22 90YS60GY38 90YS60DV22
90YT60GV22 90YT60GV11 90YT60DV22 90YT60DV11
90YB60GV22 90YB60GY22 90YB60GY38 90YB60DV22
90YF60GV22 90YF60GV11 90YF60DV22 90YF60GV11

90YS90GV22 90YS90GY22 90YS90GY38 90YS90DV22
90YT90GV22 90YT90GV11 90YT90DV22 90YT90DV11
90YB90GV22 90YB90GY22 90YB90GY38 90YB90DV22
90YF90GV22 90YF90GV11 90YF90DV22 90YF90GV11

90YS120GV22 90YS120GY22 90YS120GY38 90YS120DV22
90YT120GV22 90YT120GV11 90YT120DV22 90YT120DV11
90YB120GV22 90YB120GY22 90YB120GY38 90YB120DV22
90YF120GV22 90YF120GV11 90YF120DV22 90YF120GV11

100YS200GV22 100YS200GY22 100YS200GY38 100YS200DV22
100YT200GV22 100YT200GV11 100YT200DV22 100YT200DV11
100YB200GV22 100YB200GY22 100YB200GY38 100YB200DV22
100YF200GV22 100YF200GV11 100YF200DV22 100YF200GV11
100TP40GV22 100TP40GV11

60GK3H 60GK5H 60GK6H 60GK7.5H 60GK10H 60GK12.5H 60GK15H 60GK20H 60GK25H 60GK30H 60GK36H
60GK50H 60GK60H 60GK75H 60GK90H 60GK100H 60GK120H 60GK150H 60GK180H

70GK3H 70GK5H 70GK6H 70GK7.5H 70GK10H 70GK12.5H 70GK15H 70GK20H 70GK25H 70GK30H 70GK36H
70GK50H 70GK70H 70GK75H 70GK90H 70GK100H 70GK120H 70GK150H 70GK180H

80GK3H 80GK5H 80GK6H 80GK7.5H 80GK10H 80GK12.5H 80GK15H 80GK20H 80GK25H 80GK30H 80GK36H
80GK50H 80GK80H 80GK75H 80GK90H 80GK100H 80GK120H 80GK150H 80GK180H

80GK3RC 80GK5RC 80GK6RC 80GK7.5RC 80GK10RC 80GK12.5RC 80GK15RC 80GK20RC 80GK25RC 80GK30RC
80GK36RC 80GK50RC 80GK80RC 80GK75RC 80GK90RC 80GK100RC 80GK120RC 80GK150RC 80GK180RC

80GK3RT 80GK5RT 80GK6RT 80GK7.5RT 80GK10RT 80GK12.5RT 80GK15RT 80GK20RT 80GK25RT 80GK30RT
80GK36RT 80GK50RT 80GK80RT 80GK75RT 80GK90RT 80GK100RT 80GK120RT 80GK150RT 80GK180RT

90GK(F) 3RC 90GK(F) 5RC 90GK(F) 6RC 90GK(F) 7.5RC 90GK(F) 10RC 90GK(F) 12.5RC 90GK(F) 15RC
90GK(F) 20RC 90GK(F) 25RC 90GK(F) 30RC 90GK(F) 36RC 90GK(F) 50RC 90GK(F) 75RC 90GK(F) 90RC
90GK(F) 100RC 90GK(F) 120RC 90GK(F) 150RC 90GK(F) 180RC

90GK(F) 3RT 90GK(F) 5RT 90GK(F) 6RT 90GK(F) 7.5RT 90GK(F) 10RT 90GK(F) 12.5RT 90GK(F) 15RT
90GK(F) 20RT 90GK(F) 25RT 90GK(F) 30RT 90GK(F) 36RT 90GK(F) 50RT 90GK(F) 75RT 90GK(F) 90RT
90GK(F) 100RT 90GK(F) 120RT 90GK(F) 150RT 90GK(F) 180RT

100GF3RC 100GF5RC 100GF6RC 100GF7.5RC 100GF10RC 100GF12.5RC 100GF15RC 100GF20RC
100GF25RC 100GF30RC 100GF36RC 100GF50RC 100GF60RC 100GF75RC 100GF100RC 100GF120RC
100GF150RC 100GF180RC

100GF3RT 100GF5RT 100GF6RT 100GF7.5RT 100GF10RT 100GF12.5RT 100GF15RT 100GF20RT
100GF25RT 100GF30RT 100GF36RT 100GF50RT 100GF60RT 100GF75RT 100GF100RT 100GF120RT
100GF150RT 100GF180RT

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