KTC-002 manual tension controller / Carrey reaches the series

Mar 1st, 2012

Brand: Under IEI – rock

Name: KTC-002 manual tension controller / Carrey reaches the series

Type: KTC-002

About products:

KTC-002 manual tension controller / Carrey reaches the series

The products are detailed:

KTC-002 Manual tension controller /Carrey reaches the series Tension controller series Manual tension controller Adopt the switch power with extremely strong adaptability, the pulse width modulates technology, have extremely high cost performance. Its volume is small and exquisite, it is convenient to employ, it is easy to install. Concrete parameter: Power voltage: AC220V± 10%, is less than or equal to 120W to export: The power is exported: 0-4A/024V (support the magnetic powder clutch / brake) The internal voltage is input: ± 10V DC is (available to user) Input: Accuse of the voltage to input outside: Accuse of the electric current to input outside 0-10V: 0-20mA control method: 3 plant ‘ Manually, voltage, electric current are controlled) Characteristic and function: 1, The panel knob is regulated manually 2, Extra 0-10V comes to regulate ‘ Can offer 0-10V by PLC,etc.) 3,Extra 0-20mA comes to regulate ‘ Can offer 0-20mA by PLC,etc.) 4,3 8 sections of LED reveal the physical size of the data: 180mm x 110mm x 135mm environment: Use the temperature of bad border: -Use the humidity of bad border from 10 ℃ to +40 ℃: Under 80% RH, frostless, has not formed the environment for use of frost: Do not allow to corrode the gas, dust and dew weight: About 1KG is professional to produce and sell KTC002, EPCD12, KTW300, TCEPC, tension controller, corrects and arranges the controller, the material control device of the roll, the tension is corrected to arrange controlling, the full-automatic tension is controlled, Our company supply the pearl silk pole from stock in a large amount, product quality guarantees for one year! Sell directly to households at producer price! The controller of controller tension of the tension can be divided into controlling, semi-automatic manually (the foot-path detection type of roll) Control and automatically control completely. Manual tension in accordance with charge material or produce the intersection of material and the intersection of roll and change of foot-path but adjust clutch or excitatory electric current of brake stage by stage in controller, thus obtained unanimous tension. The semi-automatic tension controller is also called the foot-path detection type of the roll or turns on the wave type tension controller, it is accepting the material and putting the automatic detection roll foot-path of material, thus adjust the strength of the material of roll. Finally, the tension of determining the material of roll directly that the full-automatic tension controller comes from tension detection, then turn the tension data into a tension signal to pass the tension controller back, thus the excitatory electric current that adjusts the clutch or brake automatically controls the tension of the material of roll. A set of common tension control systems, generally speaking, can be divided into and put the material group, give to the material group and accept the material group. Fully Note: The above-mentioned products have a large amount of stock in the department, welcome the people from various circles to consult and order, there are your support and trust, could let the transmission of rich honour be moved towards brilliantly!

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