Lenze 9300 Vector project type vector frequency converter

Dec 14th, 2011

Brand: Thatch of Lenze – human relations

Name: Lenze 9300 Vector project type vector frequency converter

Type: Lenze 9300 Vector project type

About products:

9300Vector high-performance vector frequency converter adopts modern frequency conversion to drive technology, there are numerous strong control functions, and abundant user interface. Can offer the complete automatic solution for driving in various industry. As 0.37

The products are detailed:

Power range 0. 37-400KW

Advantage of the control technology of the vector

· Can offer the wide speed / torque to presume the range

· The operation characteristic is more smooth

· Have high overload capacity at the time of low frequency

Built-in PID regulator

· Can be used in the pressure, the temperature, flow and tension roller are controlled

Hold the technological function in advance

· The speed / torque is controlled, control step by step, control reciprocally, the roller position control of the tension, count one grade of antithetical couplets frequently

Common data

Selecting parameter

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