Light to strengthen the computer

Dec 8th, 2011

Brand: G&D

Name: Light to strengthen the computer

Type: GTD

About products:

Light to strengthen the computer, strengthen the portable computer

The products are detailed:

010-82612039 81677922 13910532255 is offered

Light to strengthen computer GTD-230S2 2slots metal

About products

GTD- 230S2 2 troughs are that smallest reinforcement that can be offered at present observe and control the platform portably. Because the volume is small and exquisite, the difference of going out, 230S2 can be deposited in the luggage rack on plane conveniently as the hand-luggage, have very outstanding carrying performance

Characteristic of the products

Turn over the form on the screen, the visual angle can be adjusted arbitrarily
Can insert 2 PCI cards in front storehouse

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