LINMOT, LINMOT electrical machinery

Feb 1st, 2012

Brand: Linmot

Name: LINMOT, LINMOT electrical machinery


About products:

LINMOT, LINMOT linear electrical machinery, linear guide of LINMOT servo controller, LINMOT

The products are detailed:

Vent valve – common electromechanical international trade ‘ Shanghai) The serial products of valve of agent of special price of limited company: Import the vent valve, solos vent valve QB1.

One pair of vent valves QB2.

Fast vent valve KP-10, P41X, P42X.

Micro- vent valve ARVX.

Automatic vent valve FQ.

Combined vent valve CARX-1/CARX-2.

Combined sewage vent valve SCAR.

Yellow copper wire port vent valve.

The material of the body of valve is as follows, cast steel, casting iron.

Supreme working pressure 1.0-2.5MPA.

Working temperature is 120 degrees, valve requirements are from DN15-DN300.

Connection way: Flange, silk mouth.

Applicable medium: Water.

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