M4PSF5 high-power moderating machine

Mar 22nd, 2012

Brand: Chinese sweet gum letter

Name: M4PSF5 high-power moderating machine

Type: M4PSF5

About products:


The products are detailed:

Shanghai Chinese sweet gum letter transmission Industrial Co., Ltd. is to produce various gear moderating machines, professional enterprises of the planet moderating machine, the company is self-contained, well-managed, product quality is reliable. M serial large-scale gear decelerator performance characteristics: M serial large-scale gear decelerators have larger torsion ranges, it is the heavy-duty best choice scheme that is supported. The module is made up and customized, have high efficiency, high life-span gear and higher one let to use axial and radial load, noise of running is low. The compact drive form guarantees the high torsion transmits ability. There is single or one pair of input, output shafts end, the structure is apt to change, and there is competence, install the form vertically and vertically. Apply to the building materials, the chemical industry, electricity, metallurgy, the conveyer systems of food and feed trade extensively; Transportation and traffic field; Timber, paper and trade in environment protecting mode. Technical parameter: Speed ratio range: 6.3- 1800 torsion ranges: Reach 186 kNm power range the most largely: 3380- 2.8 KW basic type: M2PSF M2PHF M2PHT M2PVSF M2PVHF M3PSF M3PHF M3PHT M3PVSF M3PVHF M3RSF M3RHF M3RHT M3RVSF M3RVHF M4PSF M4PHF M4PHT M4PVSF M4PVHF M4RSF M4RHF M4RHT M4RVSF M4RVHF M5RSF M5RHF M5RHT details please look over Company’s websites: http://www.ruino.cn

Shanghai Chinese sweet gum’s servo planet moderating machine of Industrial Co., Ltd. of letter transmission
The intersection of Shanghai and the intersection of Chinese sweet gum and the intersection of letter and accurate the intersection of planet and plane of moderating, Shanghai the intersection of Chinese sweet gum and letter wave the intersection of line and the intersection of needle and wheel, moderate electrical machinery, servo worm gear worm moderating machine of Shanghai Chinese sweet gum’s letter
Our company is a moderating machine, the decelerator, the gearbox, parallel axle moderating machine, oblique gear moderating machine, the moderating machine of the gear, planet moderating machine, the moderating machine of Taiwan, the letter moderating machine of the Chinese sweet gum, servo moderating machine, the moderating machine of Shanghai, the worm moderating machine of the worm gear, accurate moderating machine, NMRV moderating machine, the motor of the moderating machine, the moderating machine of Germany, the moderating machine of the guide screw, put the producer of transmission apparatuses such as the line needle wheel moderating machine,etc..
The products of our company are applied to extensively: China’s every profession and trade such as metallurgy, electricity, building materials, mine, jack-up, environmental protection, chemical industry, light industry,etc..

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