Dec 23rd, 2011


Name: MAGPOWR brake


About products:

MAGPOWR is specialized in developing and producing and clamping the excellent unit of a round of fuel of linear brake by an only home of world. SITEMA places on these safe and relevant products especially

The products are detailed:

MAGPOWR brake, MAGPOWR clutch, MAGPOWR whether the intersection of world and only specialize in, develop and produce, clamp linear the intersection of brake and rounds of the intersection of fuel and excellent unit in brake, MAGPOWR in magnetic the intersection of powder and clutch, MAGPOWR. SITEMA places on these safe and relevant products especially, it is strong system providers of safety devices, have extensive products, offer the best solution for every kind of application. Continue in foundation for 1979, SITEMA it makes whom first global electricity generation system needs to be high to apply the brake army round axis of a cylinder in surface relieve directly. Form and improve and clamp the extensive task of the device on the foundation of this new technology. Then, like now, our slogan is: Absolute security function. SITEMA safe person who apply the brake the intersection of KSP and purpose hold one large-scale vertical the intersection of movement and a direction ‘ Against gravity) . This may be an existing jar pole or a single stick. Relative security can be used for supporting in urgent cases too. It cites strength to be loud direction ‘ Downward) ,And in other directions ‘ Upwards) It is relatively small. The system of braking safely has already been employed in the – vertical or oblique axle lathe – vertical axle loader.
SITEMA clamps the device, SITEMA safe brake, SITEMA safety lock, SITEMA air cylinder

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