Maintain the soft actuator of Snide

Feb 8th, 2012

Brand: Schneider – Snide

Name: Maintain the soft actuator of Snide

Type: ATS48C41Q

About products:

Maintain the intersection of Snide and soft actuator maintain the intersection of AB and soft actuator maintain the intersection of Siemens and soft actuator maintain the intersection of ABB and soft actuator maintain frequency converter maintain direct-flow accusing of machine, maintenance man of governor,

The products are detailed:

Beijing sea is specially automatic to maintain the soft actuator 13521973761 of Snide ,ATS48D17Y17 AATS48D22Y22 A
ATS48Da32Y32 A ATS48D38Y38 A ATS48D47Y47 A ATS48D62Y62 A
ATS48D75Y75 A ATS48D88Y88 A ATS48C11Y110 A ATS48C14Y140 A
ATS48C17Y170 A ATS48C21Y210 A ATS48C25Y250 A ATS48C32Y320 A
ATS4C41Y410 A ATS48C48Y480 A ATS48C59Y590 A ATS48C66Y660 A
ATS48C79Y790 A ATS48M10Y1000 A ATS48M12Y1200 A ATS48D17Q17 A
ATS48D22Q22 A ATS48D32Q32 A ATS48D38Q38 A ATS48D47Q47 A
ATS48D62Q62 AATS48D75Q75 A ATS48D88Q88 A ATS48C11Q110 A
ATS48C14Q140 A ATS48C17Q170 A ATS48C21Q210 A ATS48C25Q250 A
ATS48C32Q320 A ATS48C41Q410 A ATS48C48Q480 A ATS48C59Q590 A
ATS48C66Q660 A ATS48C79Q790 A ATS48M10Q1000 A ATS48M12Q1200 A
Maintain the soft actuator of Snide
ATS01N103FT3 A ATS01N106FT6 A
ATS01N109FT9 A ATS01N112FT12 A ATS01N125FT25A ATS01N206QN6 A ATS01N209QN9 A ATS01N212QN12 A ATS01N222QN22 A ATS01N232QN32 A
ATS01N244Q44 A ATS01N272Q72 A ATS01N285Q85 A ATS01N230LY32 A
ATS01N244LY44 A ATS01N272LY72 A ATS01N285LY85 A ATSU01N206LT6 A
ATSU01N209LT9 A ATSU01N212LT12 A ATSU01N222LT22 A ATSU01N232LT32 A

Our company specializes in the industrial automation and maintains the field for many years, has already had specialized technological group, advanced experiment equipping and high-quality technological support service, make remarkable achievements in technology such as worker’s accusing of, transmission, numerical control, because design the technological difficult problem that the defect causes while and solve a plurality ofing, offer more completely services to user.
Service field:
First, worker accuse of the series China produces brands

Taiwan fits: K1 N1 V2 N2 E2


The east yuan: 7200GA/PA 7200JA 7200MA

It is spread that general: Series 9I97G Series 9I168

Supernatural source, intellectual circles, hertzs of strength, grand to revitalize, the intersection of profit and good, three base, east the intersection of Wei and front yard, Cage

Japanese brand

Mitsubishi: FR-V200 A240 A024 A044 S500 E500 F500 A500

An Chuan: 606PC3 V7 616R3 G5/P5 656DC3 676GL5 VS-676VGL F7 G7

Fuji: G2 G5 G6N VG5 G7S K7S C9S E9S G9S C11S E11S G11S P11S

The plain telegram is given up: VT112S VT210S/A VT230S VT630/MS

Hitachi: L50 L100 SJ100 L300P J300 SJ300

Three is cultivated: L series I serial M series series QS

Springtime, Japan, three wood, superenergic person, Omron

Siemens: 6SE6436 ECO 6SE6420/6SE6430/6SE6440 6SE70 6SE71

American-European brand and other

ABB: ACS140 ACS400 ACS500 ACS550 ACS600 ACS800 ACS1000

Snide: ATV16 ATV21 ATV28 ATV31 ATV58 ATV61 ATV68 ATV71 ATV78

Sri Lankan of Denver: 2020 2025 2040 2050 2815 2822 2840 3002 3003 3004 3006 3011 3016 5001 6008 VLT2800 VLT5000

AB: 160 1305 1336 1397

Finnish Vacon, Continental Europe series 650 Series 690, LG, Samsung, human relations thatch (Lenze) , Kobe

The above-mentioned brand frequency converter, soft actuator, direct-flow governor, grind serial man-machine interface such as China, ABB, Siemens OP, TP, MP, programmable 300 controller, 400 series and other kinds the intersection of industrial control and computer, the intersection of circuit and board, touch off board various the intersection of circuit and board,etc..
Second, numerical control
Siemens 802S, 802C, 802D, 810T, 810D, 840D, servo drivers, servo electrical machineries, driving the module, axle card, display screen of numerical control lathe control systems such as Frank, Sanyo, Panasonic,etc.,etc.. Service procedure:
First step: Inquire users damage symptom and on-the-spot situation of the electric equipment at first.
Second step: Describe, analyze the reason to cause this kind of trouble according to users’ trouble.
Third step: Open the apparatus of maintenance, carry on the overall cleaning to the machine, confirm the device damaged, analyze that maintains the feasibility resumed.
Fourth step: The job position of the device, read and analyze circuit operation principle according to being damaged, find out the reason for damaging the device from it, in case that similar to the trouble to present next time.
Fifth step: Contact customer, provide exhaustive examining report and maintenance to offer, solicit users and maintain the opinion, the customer confirms carrying on maintenance after offering.
Sixth step: Maintain the content and include excluding from the known trouble, change the component worn out, damaged, to carrying on thorough washing and maintenance,etc. inside and outside the complete machine.
Seventh step: Go on, imitate, support, test to apparatus, send back customer finish, repair, carry on on-the-spot test from customer’s upper complete machine.
Eighth step: In case of normal work of the complete machine, enter the system
Maintenance time
Standard maintenance time about 3 workdays(may be purchased cycle by the special components and parts and influenced) ;
The nonlocal customer considers the coming and going for time of road of the apparatus according to the circumstances.

Maintain the advantage
1. One grade of maintenance of chip Change all trouble components and bad components, so as to reduce customer’s maintenance cost, guarantee the comprehensive performance of maintenance of equipment technically: 2. The fittings are sufficient Have a large amount of import and China produce the intersection of industry and fittings of apparatus, thus can treat and build the swiftest service of product implementation: 3 The checkout equipment is advanced Allocate various detecting instruments, the tester of the integrated circuit, the testboard, the load experiment is equipped, guarantee to maintain quality.
Successful case
The steel group Erie group Ulan of horse of Co., Ltd. Anhui of lathe of Co., Ltd. Gui Lin, Guangxi of new energy of Great Britain’s profit of martial prowers of Baoding of Beijing Chef Kang Co., Ltd. examines the cloth dairy products factory Auspicious Bernd of Guangdong of Science & Technology Co., Ltd.? Put through and inferior in the group Yunnan to automize Science Technologies Co., Ltd. The market of Wuxi is moist and blade Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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