Majestic strong work station WS-843GS

Mar 6th, 2012

Brand: IEI – majestic reach the electricity

Name: Majestic strong work station WS-843GS

Type: Majestic strong work station WS-843GS

About products:

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The products are detailed:

???? Characteristic of the products

1. Compact type to press-cast aluminium preceding board and integrated LCD backplate frame
2. New structure machine case and resisting shock to resist designing towards the device
3. Preceding board, membrane keyboard, touching the mouse pad and driving the space to accord with IP65 standard, make it adapt to abominable environment
4. Membrane keyboard and OSD key of the whole function
5. Advanced heat abstraction and ventilation are designed
6. Imitate VGA to input, is suitable for CPU of all types

???? Product specification

LCD size


Resolution ratio


Luminance (cd / ㎡)


Contrast ratio


LCD color


Life-span (Hrs) in a poor light


Input the interface

10 slots

Main board specification

Total length card / half a long card

Install the way

19″ Framework type is installed

Framework height


Preceding board material


IP grade


Membrane keyboard

59 keys

Function key

10 keys

Touch the board


Leading panel USB


Driver space of hard disk

1 x 3.5″ HDD

CD-ROM driver space

1 x 5.25″ CD-ROM

Driver space of floppy disk

1 x 3.5″ FDD

Systematic fan

12cm roller bearing 99.6 CFM fan

Available touch-sensitive screen

5 – line resistance type touch-sensitive screen

Resist and shake

5 ~ 17 Hz, 0.1″ Displacement of the whole amplitude
17~640 Hz, the peak peak value of 1.5G acceleration

Resist and assault

Peak peak value of 10G acceleration (11ms)

Relative humidity

5 to 95%, has not condensed

Working temperature

0 degrees C 50 degrees of C

Appearance color

Silvery (PANTONE PMS-8001)

Weight (NW/GW)

12 / 18.2 kg

Size (D W H) (mm)

483 x 353 x 261

Recommendation backplate

PCI-10S/10S2, PX-10S, PE-10S, IP-10S, IPX-9S, BP-10S,
HPE-7S1/8S, PE-6S / 7S / 7S2 / 8S / 9S /10S

Recommend ATX main board

IMB-9454, IMB-9452, IMB-8550, IMB-9154


AT: ACE-925A(AP/AP-U/M) -RS, ACE-932A-RS, ACE-935AL-RS, ACE-940AP-RS,
ATX: ACE-4860AP-RS, ACE-828A(C/M/V) -RS, ACE-832A(AP/AP-S) -RS, ACE-840A-RS,
ACE-841AP-S-RS, ACE-850AP-RS-24,

???? Order information

Name of product



7U, 12.1″ 400cd / ㎡ SVGA LCD 10 – Slot Industrial Workstation, Aluminum Front, Silver Color, W/ACE-832AP/12.1 ” Touch Screen,RoHS


7U, 12.1″ 450cd / ㎡ XGA LCD 10 – Slot Industrial Workstation, Aluminum Front, Silver Color, W/ACE-832AP/12.1 ” Touch Screen,RoHS

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