Man-machine interface UG30

Jan 16th, 2018


Can deal with 32768 kinds of colors to reveal
Can deal with 32768 kinds of colors to reveal, the display effect is the same as photo.

AV function substantiated
Make a recording on videotape input funciton ‘ Option unit, high function products)
Have abundant functions, the super input funciton of the video picture can let the video picture be revealed through the switch, connecting 4 video recorders can carry on 4 channels to reveal, the super input funciton can reveal stationary continuously 16 points of pictures at the same time.
Imitate RGB and input the output function into ‘ Option unit, high function products)
Sound WAV file broadcasting function ( Option unit, high function products)

But the standard deals with the storage card (CF)

Function, readable data storage function of data entry

Can deposite various data of PLC in the CF card. Can operate on the computer with CSV form.

Hold functions of different files
The interval slow reproducing data or UG30 picture of the video picture can be kept as JPEG file. And can also carry on the save of BMP file or WAV file.

Upload or download the picture data

Switching functionality of multiple languages
Preserve the characters script of various countries in the CF card, multiple languages that can carry on 8 languages switch over revealing.

The network is multiple functional
The standard allocates Ethernet function ‘ High function products)
WebServer function ( High function products)
Can reveal HTML file preserved in the CF card in the display unit of computer on LAN. Can control the data of PLC,etc. long-rangely.
E-mail deliver letters function ‘ High function products)
UG30 can send the abnormal circumstance in machinery,etc. to going to with telephone in hand via the mail host computer on LAN.

Other various abundant functions
PLC2Way function
UG30 PLC with the type of the same producer of the simultaneous connection or 2 PLCs with the producer, can serve as the passway between PLC.
Cartoon function of ruggedization
Carry on movements to BMP file logged on in advance to presume, can finish the cartoon function automatically.
Correspond to the two-shot metacode
Intensity control function
Wall paper function


Characteristic specification

General specification

Reveal some specifications

*A 25 ¡æ, surface rightness in normal atmospheric temperature are 50% o’clock of an initialization value.
*2 is adjusted with the function key.

Model guide look

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