MB80 intellectual programmable logic controller

Dec 2nd, 2011

Brand: Auspicious in the south

Name: MB80 intellectual programmable logic controller

Type: MB80

About products:

CPU module of high-performance top management CPU mould adopts the embedded technology which accords with international standard IEEE P996.1, adopt 64 microprocessors, supports MMX instruction set to expand, primary frequency above 300MHz;

The products are detailed:

1.1 summaries

With the applied constant deepening in the field of industrial control of computer supervisory control system, especially competitive and fierce day by day with the current market, have proposed more high requirement to automation level and cost control of the industrial control system, need the characteristic urgently reliably, technology is more advancedly, dispose the industrial control products of more excellent flexibility, performance-cost more ratio. Modern to control technical development makes us face such a challenge and make the optimal choice, when you are at a loss as to what to do in the face of many kinds of control equipments and many kinds of PLC, Nanjing Nanrui Group Co. (abbreviated as) Of new generation product,MB80 intellectual offer to you programmable logic controller a high performance and prior choices of cost performance high.

MB80 intellectual programmable logic controller, as MB top-grade products which serial intellectual programmable logic controller families hit, have adopted a series of latest achievements and thoughts of the controlled field of industry in the course of developing, the production process uses advanced electronic preparation method and exquisite appearance design, believe that will bring the fresh and new feeling to you. Its leading particulars is as follows:

High-performance top management CPU Module CPU module adopts the embedded technology which accords with international standard IEEE P996.1, adopts 64 microprocessors, support MMX instruction set to expand, primary frequency above 300MHz; High-capacity electronic hard disk and memory; The software adopts the embedded operating system of the real-time mulitasking. The top-grade soft hardware disposition makes CPU module have strong data-handling capacity, arithmetic capability and communication handling capacity.

All intelligent I/O Module I/O modules are all intelligent, except finishing the data acquisition task, can deal with the data that are gathered, have it from the diagnostic feature at the same time, guarantee the stable operation under the Living severe environment of industry, can avoid the impact on data acquisition of some undesired signals better at the same time.

Open, canonial communication network Offer 10M/100M Ethernet interface, support Modbus/TCP stipulations. Multiple PLC and monitoring software, upper computer system can make up the LAN of level of factory.

Strong RS-232/RS-485 Serial port communication function Communication model offers communication interface of 8 canonial RS-232s or RS-485 with serial port, each serial port supports the programmable way.

On-the-spot bus network Internal communication adopt safe and reliable the intersection of CANbus and field bus, the intersection of communication and speed quickly and antijamming capability better easy to expand.

The reliable double machine thermal storage is redundant Support pairs of the intersection of CPU and module, pairs of Ethernet, the intersection of double machine thermal storage and redundant scheme, real-time backup data, control more reliably. Do not need to work out any procedure, non-maintaining.

Convenient and practical now human-machine interface Offer and interface with serial communication of the touch-sensitive screen, support Modbus communication agreement. Can not need to increase the ancillary equipment, does not need to write the driver program of the communication either with the direct connection of many kinds of touch-sensitive screens, it is very simple to realize.

All modules adopt the whole enclosed construction The totally closed one is metal-cased, dustproof, dampproof, resist shock, anti electromagnet interference, stronger to the adaptive capacity of Living severe environment.

Esthetic, practical appearance design With the internationally recognized mould manufacturer’s cooperative design, handsome in appearance, convenient and practical, raw materials and preparation method that outer cover and fittings use are all very exquisite.

Flexible system configuration MB80 intellectual programmable logic controller has offered the practical and reliable system configuration scheme, mainly embody in:

Expanding I/O module does not need to dispose and expand modules specializedly, only need to expand cable link in expanding the bottom panel, have reduced the system cost;

The powerful CPU module has offered interface of Ethernet, has saved the expenses of Ethernet module for users.

The communication module of serial port offers the interface of canonial RS232/RS485 of No. 8, and can expand conveniently, with better function, have reduced the cost with the on-the-spot Intelligent device news report greatly;

In one pair of CPU thermal storage redundant systems, do not need to dispose such as thermal storage module and thermal storage redundant software, make the system more reliably and disposing more economically.

Output the technology of the coded lock Switch quantity outputs modules and adopts and outputs the technology of the coded lock, will not move and refuse to move to export by mistake to guarantee to control.

SOE Sequential record of the incident Offer the function of sequential records of SOE incident, the definition reaches 1 millisecond.

GPS Interface of the standard clock Have GPS standard clock interface, do not need to set up, does not need programming and can correct time to the device directly.

Module compatibility Very arbitrary interconversion of homogeneous module, do not need to set up, benefit system maintenance.

The plug-box has module type codes Cooperate with locating stud on the module, can prevent inserting the module by mistake.

Carry the matching board in quick connection Use the quick connection to carry the matching board, save the work of conductor arrangement in the cabinet.

Programming software with friendly boundary plane, with powerful function MBPro MB80 PLC and other MB series PLC use the software MBPro of the same programming, this software, except supporting traditional programming ways such as the ladder-diagram,etc., still support the visual programming language – -The programming of flow block diagram, very mutual call between the procedure that and different languages are written. Especially adopt the programming of flow block diagram, even there is not any programming experience or beginner who has never studied other programming languages that can also master easily.

MB80 Intellectual programmable logic controller module pattern

Module plug-box

Power module

CPU Module

I/O And function module

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