Mitsubishi brand NT6-22 type photoelectric eyes, ball silk pole

Mar 1st, 2012

Brand: KC – triumphant Cheng

Name: Mitsubishi brand NT6-22 type photoelectric eyes, ball silk pole

Type: NT6-22

About products:

Mitsubishi brand NT6-22 type photoelectric eyes, ball silk pole

The products are detailed:

Main characteristic : NT series indicate that it is the new products redesigned to measure the photoelectric switch on the basis of original series Z3N, internal circuit and optical structure are more rational, the properties of product are more steady. NT series indicate, measure photoelectric switch to scan in examine at the surface of thing through their itself light source that send out. Make, reflect light quantity that go back to be different because surface color is different, thus reach to the intersection of color and recognition of mark. The coaxial mere way is designed, (such as aluminium foil) to the paper of high reflection coefficient The adaptability is stronger. Have many kinds of available light sources such as being blue, green, red, bring convenience in distinguishing various colors. The luminous point is tiny, high response speed of 0.1-1ms that the resolution ratio is extremely high. Can meet various packers, make the bag machine and print the mechanical control need. Excellent inner circuit design, resist various electromagnetism, mix, interfere with only, of good performance operating steady acting while being errorless. It is adjustable to possess and regulate the turning knob sensitively, need not use tools. Main technical parameter Measure the reflecting type of co-axle of the way and measure the distance 12mm± Voltage DC10-30V&plusmn that 3mm supplies power; 10% ripple less than or equal to 10% consume electric current light source chromatogram red under the 45mA, green, blue, Bai Ke selects the round, rectangular shape of luminous point to be available to measure the light of angle and surface of thing examined and allow to offset & plusmn directly; + – 15 response time 0.1-1ms outputs the way and moves, moves and outputs and points out the red high level Vs- of LED output voltage (less than or equal to 1.5) secretly bright Low level is less than or equal to 1.2V and take electric current 100mA simulation to have polar protection inside out to protect the device Vs voltage to output 0-10mA circuit in year, export and short out and protect. Connect arbitrarily by mistake at the same time the line is protected. Sensitivity It is adjustable to enclose only Resist the environmental light Protect the grade IP67 ( dampproofly and dustproofly) in incandescent lamp 3000Lx sunlight 10000Lx Ambient temperature Operate – 15 ℃- 65 ℃ Save – 25 ℃- 80 ℃outer cover material Metal Draw the line 6.0 of diameter five core sheath be shielded cable 2M type table type light sources longs standard drawn line type light source lasted line R22 a red four stamen R2 a red three stamen G22 a green four stamen G2 is green Three stamen RG22 Red and green Four red green three bluish-green four bluish-green three green white four green white 3 stamen, GW2 of stamen, GW22 of stamen, BG2 of stamen, BG22 of stamen, RG2 of stamen,

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