Mitsubishi moulds the shell circuit breaker

Mar 21st, 2012

Brand: Mitsubishi

Name: Mitsubishi moulds the shell circuit breaker


About products:

Mould the shell circuit breaker (MCCB) -NF series have high performance, intelligent, rich and colorful attachment, simple and convenient installation. Whole world of small coincidence. Mould the intersection of shell and circuit breaker suitable for, exchange 50Hz, the intersection of amount and working the intersection of voltage and and 690V

The products are detailed:

First class agent: The low-voltage worker of Mitsubishi accuses of; ABB low-voltage engineering accused of
Principal products of business and service: The products of Mitsubishi Electric of the main agent of our company include: Circuit breaker ACB of the frame, mould the shell circuit breaker MCCB, circuit breaker ELCB of the electric leakage, miniature circuit breaker MCB, hot relay, exchanging contactor, material for electrical purposes and corresponding electric apparatus and electric apparatus fittings,etc..

Economy: NF30-CS, NF63-CW, NF125-CW, NF250-CW, NF400-CW, NF630-CW, NF800-CEW;

Normal form: NF32-SW, NF63-SW, NF125-SW, NF125-SGWRT, NF125-SGWRE, NF250-SW, NF250-SGWRT, NF250-SGWRE, NF160-SW, NF160-SGWRT, NF160-SGWRE, NF400-SW, NF400-SEW, NF630-SE, NF630-SEW, NF800-SEW, NF1000-SEW, NF1250-SEW, NF1600-SEW;

High performance type: NF63-HW, NF125-HW, NF125-HGWRT, NF125-HGWRE, NF160-HW, NF160-HGWRT, NF160-HGWRE, NF250-HW, NF250-HGWRT, NF250-HGWRE, NF400-HEW, NF630-HEW, NF800-HEW.

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