Mitsubishi PLCFX1N-60MT Mitsubishi FX2NFX1SFX3U

Dec 16th, 2011

Brand: Mitsubishi

Name: Mitsubishi PLCFX1N-60MT Mitsubishi FX2NFX1SFX3U

Type: FX1N-60MT

About products:

Promote basic function by a wide margin, it is upgrading products CPU of FX2N that handle the speed: 0.065 The high-speed treatment fastest is great that the high-capacity memory of μ s/ basic order 64K step has been realized in the series

The products are detailed:

The most high-quality function of the integrated industry

High-speed counter function : Single-phase 100kHz 6 + 10kHz and 2 o’clock

Independence 3 axles make a reservation (The pulse is exported ) Function

Strengthen the password function

Possess various powerful expansion boards and adapters: 3 passways of ports;

16 passways of analog quantity are entered out; 200KHZ counts and makes a reservation, connects FX2N at a high speed

Expand the apparatus

Realize up to the most I/O controls at 384 o’clock

The host computer reveals the module

• Specification (Type system, inputting the form )

Type system

[Type system of FX3U elementary cell ]

[Input and output the type system expanded ]

Input and output the form :

R : DC24V ( leaking type) Input /The relay is exported

S : DC24V ( leaking type) Input /Two-way silicon controlled rectifier (SSR) Output

T : DC24V ( leaking type) Input /Transistor ( Leaking type) Output

R-ES : DC24V ( leaking type /Source type) Input /The relay is exported

S-ES : DC24V ( leaking type /Source type) Input /Two-way silicon controlled rectifier (SSR) Output

T-ESS : DC24V ( leaking type /Source type) Input /Transistor ( Source type) Output

R-UA1 : AC100V inputs /The relay is exported

X : DC24V ( leaking type) Input

X-C : DC24V ( leaking type) Input /Connector

XL-C : DC5V inputs /Connector

X-ES : DC24V ( leaking type /Source type) Input

YR : The relay is exported

YS : Two-way silicon controlled rectifier (SSR) Output

YT : Transistor ( Leaking type) Output

YT-C : Transistor ( Leaking type) Output /Connector

YR-ES : The relay is exported

YT-ESS : Transistor ( Source type) Output

Suitable for free choices, abundant variety
1,Adopt all independent unit type structure, it is that (10/14/20/30) that I/O clicks Some units
2,Power and form outputted can be chosen freely

The structure is small and exquisite, performance is superb, the procedure is non-maintaining
1,Procedure capacity of 800 step
2,Diversified component resources
3,Because in EEPROM enclosed while including procedure, parameter, data memory,etc. in, so not need the spare battery to be kept

Complete upgrading edition of FXOS

Than the performance that FX0S increases newly
1,2000 step procedure capacity ( Built-in EEPROM) ,Non-maintaining
2,Localization and pulse function, Y0/Y1 can output 100KHz pulse, and there are 7 special localization orders
3,The network function is strengthened

Abundant I/O has 16/32/48/64/80/128 of the points to count

Enclose 8K step RAM inside ‘ Need the battery)

Network and data communication, are connected to the open network CC-Link, ProfibusDP and Device Net.

The alternative, can use RAM( 8K) ,EPROM( 4K, 8K, 16K) Or the memory card box with real-time hour hand, can expand 8 pieces of special function module at most

It is fixed and flexible that the system disposes
1,The elementary cell is suitable for the free choice, I/O clicks (24/40/60) Some elementary cells
2,Elementary cell and expanding on the unit, can connect 8 and expand module respectively, expand to 128 o’clock at most

Employ the high performance freely
1,2000 step procedure capacity ( Built-in EEPROM)
2,Can link with A series PLC, adopt the FX0N-16NT type, MELSECNET/MINI uses the interface, can stand and pay and network as the A series son.

Complete upgrading edition of FX0N

Function more newly-increased than FX0N
1,The elementary cell I/O has 14/24/40/60 of the points to count
2,Procedure capacity of 8000 step
3,More abundant and more pluralistic component resources
4,Have localization, communication and network function like series FX1S

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