Mitsubishi series Q

Feb 12th, 2012

Brand: MITSUBISHI – Mitsubishi

Name: Mitsubishi series Q

Type: Q

About products:

Basic model High performance type Many CPU sports control redundant CPU,etc.

The products are detailed:

The basic model QCPU is taking small-scale system as target, most suitable for the simple and compact control system. It is 1024 o’clock that maximum I/ O supported counts, the memory of the soft component is about 19K word, and allow the soft component to assign within the range of 16K word arbitrarily, Q00/ Q01CPU can also store the file register of 32K word in built-in standard RAM. All contain the flashing memory ROM within the basic models QCPU, so can operate ROM on condition that use the storage card. Can use ladder-shaped picture, sentence table, ST (structured text, one kind of high-level languages) , 5 kinds of programming languages such as SFC, FB carry on programming to the basic model QCPU. Except Q00J is CPU, power and main base plate ‘ But the strip is imported and exported at 32 o’clock) Beyond the integrative one, Q00/Q01 is all independent CPU module. Q00/ Q01CPU disposes the serial communication function, RS-232 interface of CPU can carry on the communication with the outside apparatus which use MC communication agreement.

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