Model RV90 turbine worm moderating machine, brake electrical machinery

Feb 1st, 2012

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Name: Model RV90 turbine worm moderating machine, brake electrical machinery

Type: RV90

About products:

Model RV90 turbine worm moderating machine, brake electrical machinery

The products are detailed:

RV90 Type turbine worm moderate machine, brake electrical machinery The products are summed up:
Design making according to Q/MD1-2000 technological quality criteria with RV series worm gear worm moderating machine.
The products, in according with according to a parameter foundation of national standard GB10085-88 worm, the worm gear worm decelerator draws the most advanced science and technology outside China, have a novel dose alone” The square case type ” Other structure, the body appearance of the case is esthetic, press-casted with the high-quality aluminium alloy. 1.Machinery is compact, the volume is light and handy, small-scale and high-efficient;
2.It is of good performance that heat exchanges, it is fast to dispel the heat;
3.Install simple and easy, flexibly and sprily and lightly, performance is superior, easy to safeguard overhauling;
4.Transmission speed ratio big and torsion large bearing year ability to be high;
5.Operate steadily, with low noises, durable in use;
6.The applicability is strong, the safe reliability is great.
The RV series worm gear moderating machine has already been applied to metallurgy extensively, numerous trades such as mine, transporting, water conservancy, chemical industry, food, beverage, textile, tobacco, packaging, environmental protection and machinery of the field technological equipment moderate and fit, win favorable comment from user deeply, modern industry equip, realize loud speed ratio with low noise moderating best choicing to transmit control device by high the intersection of stability and machinery at present. Technical parameter:
Power: 0.06KW- 7.5KW
Torque: 2.6N· m- 2379N· m
Transmission than: 7.5-100 The worm moderating machine type of the worm gear:
RV25, RV30, RV40, RV50, RV63, RV75, RV90, RV110, RV130, RV150
NRV25, NRV30, NRV40, NRV50, NRV63, NRV75, NRV90, NRV110, NRV130, NRV150
NMRV25, NMRV30, NMRV40, NMRV50, NMRV63, NMRV75, NMRV90, NMRV110, NMRV130, NMRV150

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