Natural gas / industrial process water dew point analysis instrument

Mar 22nd, 2012

Brand: Michell – analyse densely

Name: Natural gas / industrial process water dew point analysis instrument

Type: Promet EExd

About products:

Promet EExd authorizes through the explosion-proof, can be used in IEC Zone 1 and 2 / NEC Class 1 Div1. This product offers single passway or one pair of passways to examine humidity measurement, take the pressure to spread by oneself

The products are detailed:

30 more than latest within the year, analyse while being dense instrument offer of different online humidities the intersection of detection and scheme for natural gas and petrochemical industry trade. With all professional experiences and going through Promet EExd accumulated, above the customer’s demand, install simple, the communication module is complete, moderate price, the module of integrated check-up at the same time.

Promet EExd authorizes through the explosion-proof, can be used in IEC Zone 1 and 2 / NEC Class 1 Div1. This product offers single passway or one pair of passways to examine humidity measurement, reveal pressure reading taking the pressure sensor, all module is in a field-mounted anti-blast outer cover. And user’s interface is control panel and bright display of the touch-sensitive screen.

Complicated and changeable sample according to require not customized actually in system, including outstanding kind angry to filter module, steady voltage valve and flow control, and some available one used for meeting users specially installs or employs the requirement.

The bright point EExd explosion-proof authorizes ATEX and CSA Whole Zone 1 or 2 installs The complete machine only needs low work to consume AC and supply power Single passway or a pair of measurement of passway Check-up traces to the source to NPL (UK) With NIST (USA) On-the-spot regulating function allow user revise reading or carry on sensor change Cheng – 120 of serving etc. ~ +30° C Dew point, 0.001 ~ 30,000 ppmV moisture content unit ppmV, mg/Nm³ ,Lb/mmscf Dispose the electronic pressure sensor and measure Modbus RTU and 4-20 mA linear signal Course and instrument state call the police, the voltage releases the contact The whole world of remote connects and is selected one The touch-sensitive screen is controlled

Technical indicator

Host computer

Measurement value

Reveal some & deg; C & ° F

The unit transforms

The automatic pressure compensates and changes ppmV, correspond to natural gas and perfect gas
Lb/MMSCF and mg/Nm³ ,Correspond to the natural gas
User’s designated pressure inputs the dew point value under, correspond to natural gas and perfect gas
Calculate the standard base of algorithm of the natural gas moisture content to set up according to user’s order requirement in ISO 18453 or IGT # 8

Button / display

Penetrate the touch type button of the glass
Reveal: Vacuum electron tube

The data are gathered

Offer it most 150 data are gathered. Every record includes the time, date, humidity and pressure value of every passway. Users can presume freely that sample spacing interval, from 5 minutes to 60 minutes

Communication & is exported

No. four does not isolate the formula 4-20 mA passway; Most greatly support 500 Omega; . Users can presume range and number value
Modbus RTU @ 9600 Potter rate

Call the police

Two pieces of voltage of every passway release the contact; One is that course controls an instrument state. Also can pass Modbus communication

Outer cover of host computer

And steady analysis condition that built-in temperature control is used for compensating protecting


Defend exploding EExd


Yellow aluminium LM25 (EN AC-42000) casted in bronze . It is able to bear the warm glass window that 15mm is thick. The cable port is & frac12; ” NPT (f)

The surface is dealt with

Plate chromium priming paint, the polyester fibrous P9010 is coated (black) . Accord with standard BS3900

The electricity is connected

2.5mm² The whorl compresses tightly the end son

Dangerous occasion certificate

ATEX certificate serial number: Group II, Category 2 G


EEx d IIB + H2 T4 Tamb -40 +60° C (-40 +140° F)

Protect the grade

IP66 (NEMA 4)

Measure the range

-120° C dp ~ +30° C dp (-184 / +86° F); 1 ppbV ~ 30,000 ppmV

Check-up range

-100° C dp ~ + 20° C dp (- 148 / + 68° F); 10 ppbV ~ 23,000 ppmV


Dew point: ± 1° C Yes- 59.9 ~ + 20° Between C dp (& plusmn; 1.8° F: -75.9 ~+68° F dp)
Moisture content: & plusmn of reading; 10%
Dew point: ± 2° C Here – 60 ~ -100° Between C dp (& plusmn; 3.6° F: -76 ~ -148° F dp)
Moisture content: & plusmn of reading; 20%
Pressure: ± 0.25% FS

Resolution ratio

0.1° C: -80 ~ + 20° C dp (0.2° F: -112 ~ + 68° F dp)
1° C: -100 ~ -80° C dp (2° F: -148 ~ -112° F dp)

Reveal the resolution ratio

Dew point: 0.1° C (0.2° F) lb/MMSCF: > 999.9 =0.1, <999.9 = 0.02
ppmV & mg/Nm&sup3; : <100 = 0.001; >100 <1000 = 0.01; >1000 = 0.1
MPa & barg: 0.1
psig: 1.0

Temperature compensation

Algorithm formula compensated

Working pressure

It is the highest 206 barg

Kind of angry interface

&frac14; ” NPT (f)

Kind of angry flow

0.0-0.4m&sup3; /h (0-6.66l/min)


90-264 V AC, 47 ~ 63 Hz, 110 ~ 300 V DC, 180 W

Operating mode

Room in /outdoor: -20° C ~ +60° C (-4 + 140° F)
Sunshade in the place: It is the highest 95% RH

Produce / enter ports

&frac14; ” NPT (f)

Long-range interface
Available, install in the indoor safe area

The host computer capacity

Connect EExd course of 31 Michells to analyze the appearance is (available) at most through Modbus


15cm/6″ Colored LCD

User’s interface

Built-in mouse, screen keyboard


Look over and revise the analysis instrument parameter, record the parameter to the file, look over fictitious chart and analysis instrument are diagnosed



Download of data

CSV (blank agrees with and separates discerning) The form is easy to channel into to Excel™

Long-range connection

OPC (OLE for Process Control) It is used in the computer to land to visit the embedded webpage / independent IP address through LAN


100-280 V, 50/60 Hz

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