Oil analysis instrument in American Tener TD-500D portable water

Jan 11th, 2012

Brand: Turner Designs – Tener

Name: Oil analysis instrument in American Tener TD-500D portable water

Type: TD-500D

About products:

TD-500D, the nowadays most substantial, oil analysis instrument in the accurate portable water that can be reinspected easiest to use. TD-500D has ” solvent extraction laws ” With ” having solvent extraction law ” ,Solvent extraction law and all daily extraction solvents hold concurrently

The products are detailed:

American Tener TD-500D The oil analysis instrument in the portable water, examine the oil appearance, water CNPC analysis instrument fast, oil content detector in water TD-500D, the nowadays most substantial, oil analysis instrument in the accurate portable water that can be reinspected easiest to use. There is TD-500D ” Solvent extraction law ” Sum ” There is no solvent extraction law ” ,Solvent extraction law and all daily extraction solvents are compatible. Name or description: One pair of oil analysis instrument types in the portable water of passway: TD-500D measures the target: Water CNPCs, hydrocarbon brand in water: American Tener (Turner Designs) Tener official site: http://oilinwatermonitors.com/ First, brief introduction of instrument : In being portable in TD-500D for water oil analysis instrument,it is U.S.A. Turner Designs research and develop and the one of pairs of passways, holding types of production the fluoroes count, crude oil, fuel, lubricating oil, diesel oil used for measuring in water or in the soil fast, easily and reliably, some condensate and concise hydrocarbon. It is the most substantial on the market, analysis instrument of the oils in the oil and soil in the accurate water that can be reinspected easiest to use, can be compatible with all daily extraction solvents. TD-500D adopts world-leading technology, the most simple and most convenient operation, miniaturization is designed the most, most wide the intersection of extraction and reagent of table, can measure in the water accurately, the intersection of soil and the intersection of Central Plains and oil, fuel oil, moist to take petroleum pollutant such as the oil. Can used in the intersection of oil field and development, well drilling, desalting the intersection of tail and water, condense liquid, the intersection of ship and the intersection of floor of spaceship and water, the intersection of crude oil and the intersection of person who process, refine and trade. The oil analysis instrument in TD-500D portable water, also let in water the measure apparatus of density of oil content of the density of oil content / soil adopt the fluorogenic luminosity detection technique, can use nearly all regular solvents as and extract pharmaceuticals with harmful to human body tetrachloromethane that polluted the environment of substitution. This product is designed for the holding type, advantages such as small, high, fast detection of precision with light weight,etc. of having volume, apply to surface water such as the rivers lake extensively, trade effluent waste water of making in the environmental monitoring, petroleum and petrochemical industry, hydrology water resources, thermal power plant, steel etc., condensing water, circulating water to measure, determination of content of oil content in ocean oil, oil spill of the pipeline and soil of overflowing. Measure the range: Crude oil and condensate, diesel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel Application : Industrial water, industrial sewage, steamer press the bilge water, water quality of hydroelectric station, let out the oil to meet an emergency, visit leaking, oils in the soil etc.. Applicable standard: <>” whether ocean monitor norm ” GB17378.3-1998>> ” whether sewage discharge standard GB8978-1996 synthetically ” ” whether petroleum refine industry’s ink disposal of pollutants standard GB3551-83 ” ‘ Water disposal of pollutants standard GB428119-1984 of petrochemical industry >>” water disposal of pollutants standard GB123456-1992 of steel and iron industry ” Second, instrument characteristic: Adopt a most advanced one to be purple fluorogenic luminosity low to find limit in detection technique outside ‘ Most oils <1ppm),?????(??????);?????????,????????????,??????????????????????????;
The pair of design of passway can reduce the influence of operator’s error, because perhaps the operator is in case of not diluting
Expand and measure the range so that the instrument reveals that there is high density, but one pair of passways can reduce this influence effectively.
One pair of passways: The passway ” A” For condensate and hydrocarbon refined, the new passway ” B” Used in crude oil, one pair of passways: Passway ” A ” Used in condensate and refine hydrocarbon types, the new passway ” B ” Used in the crude oil, it is greatly big (> 1000ppm) to measure the range ,Do not need to dilute samples. Most analysis procedure on fast ‘ <4??/??),?????(??)?.?????????????"?????"???;??????????; ?????,??????,????? ?????????(??????)??????????
Carry on simple and easy calibration with the correlative of oils standard or other methods.
Portable, holding type, the weight is probably 400 grams.
Measurement can be soluble in organic matter and/or dispersible oil of water;
CheckPOINTTM reliable calibration inspection standard offers the open-air check-up that is regulated, allow to carry on the recalibration immediately in case of not having liquid standard thing. Fine solvent and concurrently dissolving, are suitable for the great majority and extract solvents conventionally, can also adopt the latest research technology: ” Do not need solvents Determination method” Come to measure; Regulate simple and convenient, Check POINT calibrator suitable for what field work need regulate and regulate repeatedly without need standard solution to be repeated and standard fast; The number of times that the power can be measured after changing the battery each time for 4 AAA batteries: > 1,CE 000 times, IP67, dustproof, waterproof, according to ISO 9001/2000 of the standard manufactures. Third, technical parameter : Instrument name:

Oil measuring apparatus in TD-500D holding water;


Ultraviolet ray (UV) Fluoro;

Measure the target:

Hydrocarbon in water: Crude oil, congealing and analysing the thing, diesel oil, lubricating oil, fuel, engine oil, diesel oil organic matter;

Measurement method:

The solvent is extracted;

Applicable solvent:

Exactly own alkane, Vertrel, AK-225, Xylene, freon, Horiba;

Linear range:

Can reach as high as 1000ppm, depend on the kind of hydrocarbon;


Higher than 2% of the whole graduation;


Higher than 2% of the whole graduation;




Click only and the blank sample;

Preheat time:

5 seconds;

Response time:

5 seconds;

Measure time:



4.45cm 8.9cm 18.4cm;



Outer cover material:


IP protects the rank:

Accord with IP67 standard; Dustproof, waterproof;

Working ambient temperature:

5oC~40oC (41F~104F) ;

Applicable test tube:

API proportion <45,????;API??>45,8mm??,???????;


Save AAA battery 4 times ‘ Can measure more than 1000 samples continuously) ;

Cut out automatically:

After leaving unused for 3 minutes;

The signal reveals:

Yes, the liquid crystal reveals;

Output signals:



The electric consumption of the battery is insufficient, circuit trouble, high blank sample;

Guarantee period:

In one year, factory part and after-sale service appear.

Fourth, instrument describe : TD-500D is a fluorogenic idea of passways, holding types of each, designed to measure the crude oil, fuel, lubricating oil, diesel oil in water or in the soil fast, easily and reliably, some condensate and concise hydrocarbon. Carry on the appropriate school on time by relevant degree of methods or known standard, TD-500D can measure the hydrocarbon density in the water sample within less than 4 minutes. The pair of design of passway makes TD – 500D suitable for extensive hydrocarbon type and density range. The passway A monitors the extremely high sensitivity that hydrocarbon extremely low in density needs, can survey hydrocarbon of the weak fluoro, such as some condensate, diesel oil and refining the petroleum product. The passway B employs the occasion more importantly than the high sensitivity specializedly in those extensive density ranges. Passway B from low density to exceed complexion of 1000ppm, the analysis of the water sample happens speech to the intersection of crude oil and density, it is the ideal choice. Fifth, about American Tener American Tener (Turner Designs) The instrument company is the research and development of oil monitoring instrument, production company in global and leading hydrocarbon analysis instrument, water, there are top patented technology and abundant experience in the field of oil analysis instrument in water. Company develop include oils water quality in the intersection of line and detector and laboratory desk-top to examine the intersection of oil and appearance and the intersection of oil content and the intersection of density and analysis instrument under water of holding etc. hand in hand, have offered the analysis solution of a whole set of intact oils water quality. Serve departments such as the petroleum and petrochemical industry, marine oil drilling platforms, industrial enterprises and environmental monitoring,etc. extensively, help the customer to promote the water quality detection technique of the oils with the excellent properties of product. The type is as follows, portable TD-500D, desk-top TD-3100, online TD-1000C, TD-4100, TD-4100C, TD-4100XD (explosion-proof) , TD-4100XDC (explosion-proof) . Water CNPC detection method: The detection analytical method of the petroleum pollutant is as follows, infrared law, weight law, gaseous phase chromatogram law, fluorogenic law. Because solvent freon, high toxicity and polluting seriously to the environment to the human body of the tetrachloromethane used of infrared law, being eliminated progressively. The chromatogram law of gaseous phase is with high costs because of the instrument, it is complicated to make a kind of course, to measuring technical requirements of personnel higherly, not suitable for fast scene, field and monitor the use. Define, the petroleum extracts things for own alkane according to EPA Method 1664 method that the latest U.S.A. environmental protection administration issues. The fluoro measures petroleum principle and basis: After water CNPC material is extracted through own alkane, fragrant hydrocarbon in the petroleum can produce the fluoro under the circumstances that the ultraviolet ray is being stimulated, the glimmering intensity presents the good linear relation with the petroleum content. The petroleum fluorogenic intensity of material of different sources is very close, can adopt and seek unity of standard the material. Contact details: Auspicious the letter science and technology ‘ )Limited Company
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