Omron OMRON module CJ1W-AD041-V1

Feb 6th, 2012

Brand: OMRON – Omron

Name: Omron OMRON module CJ1W-AD041-V1

Type: CJ1W-AD041-V1

About products:

Omron OMRON module CJ1W-AD041-V1 Brand-new original packaging normal product Welcome to call to consult Tel.: 0769-85344985 mobile phones: 15338045035 commercial affairs

The products are detailed:

SYSMAC welcomes the consulting telephone of incoming telegram with the control unit brand-new original packaging normal product in the position: 0769-85344985 mobile phones: 15338045035 commercial QQ: 1484296979MSN: [email protected] is a small and exquisite size an axle & middot; 2 axle & middot; 4 axle unit & middot; The collector outputting type / linear driver outputting type of opening a way is the same size. Exporting type, CJ1W / CS1W-NC133/NC233/NC433, for the linear driver exporting type that CJ1W/CS1W-NC113/NC213/NC413 opens a way for collector. It makes space efficiency improve greatly that many axles are controlled. Start, convey order that come over to PLC at a high speed, can carry on starting (concrete terms wait for details please see relevant manual) within most quick 2ms . The data transmission of high-speed data transmission can be written into the order (IOWR) through intellectual I/O /Read the order (IORD) Carry on high-speed data transmission. Orient the order fastest 500kpps of the speed at a high speed. Can move the high-speed axle. Store, run every axle go on 100 kinds of loudest modes ‘ Order data) Localization. According to the lapse mode of the order data, can go on ” Make a reservation alone ” , ” Make a reservation automatically ” , ” Make a reservation continuously ” Localization of 3 kinds of modes. Run through the settlement which carries on position data, speed data of distribution area on DM/EM of the programmable controller directly, can carry on the localization from the programmable controller directly. The interface controlled with the ladder-shaped picture is simpler too. Stop entering and give having it while stopping inputting, will stop at once after moving according to the designated movement amount. Can give play to the might in adding the glassware to control. The function enriches teaching, rewriting, tooth crack to compensate, presume in the area, get involved in starting, S shape and add and moderate etc. by force, the abundant function realizes ultra and convenient localization control.

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