Online security NSB-569

Jan 16th, 2018

Processor board low power consumption VIA Eden 667MHz/ C3 VIA 800/1GHz, 100/133MHz FSB, 128k/L1, 64K/L2 of year
Memory 168 – pin DIMM * 1, the highest 512MB SDRAM
VIA8606 100/133MHz north bridge of chip group
BIOS Award system BIOS
SSD Compact Flash socket
Watchdog Second of range 0.5-64 of the safety condition (SEC)
Expand the PCI bus of total line, PC/104 bus line
Power AT power two 4p-6p; ATX power 6p +2 – pin power SW
Size 203mm(L) x146mm(W)
Operating temperature 0 degrees C 60 degrees of C
Store the temperature -20 degrees C 80 degrees of C
As to 10%~90% of humidity, there is no condensation

Chip VIA8606 chip set
It is stored that apparent MB VGA shares apparently to exist on 8/16/32
VGA AGP 4X, supports LCD LVDS interface

MIO Ultra ATA 100/66/33 * 1, serial port * 4, LPT * 1, IrDA * 1, 1* FDD, 1* PS/2 KB/Mouse
USB 2* USB2.0
Audio frequency AC 97 2.0 sound cards
Digital input /last 4 person TTL to input,4 person TTL output
Ethernet 2* RJ45 with LED interface


Purchasing order information:
NSB-569LP6: 5.25" Exceed the low power / fan-free / VIA Eden 667MHz
NSB-569: 5. 25" Embedded board / VIA C3 800MHz CPU
NSB-569-1: 5.25" It is embedded for board / VIA C3 1GHz CPU [img ] 20051515454491507 jpg ‘ /img ]

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