PAC30D silicon controlled rectifier voltage regulator, the electric adjuster of silicon controlled rectifier, silicon controlled rectifier

Feb 12th, 2012

Brand: Seaman

Name: PAC30D silicon controlled rectifier voltage regulator, the electric adjuster of silicon controlled rectifier, the silicon controlled rectifier adjusts the work device

Type: PAC30D

About products:

Electric the adjuster ‘ Abbreviated as: SCR) ,X the work device etc. known as the silicon controlled rectifier, adjust the work voltage regulator, power adjuster, adjust the looks device, adjust the work device etc. in China again, it is that a kind of stepless electricity adjusts the apparatus; It is a environmental protection type that industry’s electric trade controls edge toll, energy-conservation and economizes on electricity

The products are detailed:

SCR electric adjuster SCR electric controller (SCR POWER CONTROLLER) of SCR electricity adjusting device ,Have already widely used in various electric apparatuses in industry at present, kiln, heat-treatment furnace, the intersection of electricity and high-temperature stove, high the intersection of cycle and machinery, electroplating device, print and dye apparatus, scribble, install apparatus, person who penetrate, escort, offer plane,etc., but because the difference supported, the restriction of the environment for use, and all kinds of control modes and various are added extra and allocated, if the phase place is controlled (Phase Angle Control) ,Assign zero of type control (Distributed Zero Crossover) ,Time control of a location of the proportion (Time Proportional Zero Crossover) . Because of this, our company has developed all kinds of of series P/E and controlled the electric controller of the mode, in order to meet demands of every user.
P/E series SCR electric controller, totally adopt SCR POWER MODULE sealed IC circuit board, makes the whole controller simple and light, in order to improve the reliability of the controller, when using this controller, ask the detailed reader to prove, in order to find out about various controller structure, function, wiring method.
SCR electric controller has many kinds of different calls: If the brilliant floodgate is in charge of the electric controller, the electric regulator of silicon controlled rectifier, the electricity of silicon controlled rectifier adjusts the work device, power controller,etc., though calls are different, what point is all the same kind of product. Our company names with SCR electric controller.
1,About principle
The basic principle of SCR electric controller is inputting through the control signal, go to control stringing SCR (the brilliant floodgate is in charge of) in the main return circuit together Module, ones that change the voltage in the main return circuit are led openly and shutting off, therefore achieve the goal of regulating the voltage or power. Controller add control panel to the host computer generally ‘ Main return circuit) Composition.
SCR electric controller can be divided into a voltage regulator and adjusted the work device.
Adopt the phase place to control SCR electric controller of the mode can be named the voltage regulator, it can regulate the virtual value of the voltage conveniently, can be used in the temperature control of electric stove, the light is regulated, the asynchronous motor steps down softly and starts and adjusts and presses and adjusts speed,etc., can also be used as regulating the voltage transformer side voltage, replace the low adjusting and pressing the voltage transformer of efficiency.
Adopt, control the intersection of SCR and electric regulator of mould can name device of work transferred, call Zhou Bo controller too by zero. It go on, control to cycle to exchange voltage, through control broken to control power that support come oning BoTong Zhou, load of voltage, many heaters used for big inertia are supported. Adopt the control, namely realize temperature control, dispel phase place high times of harmonic wave that bring pollute the electric wire netting control, but control the precision to reduce to some extent.
2,Control the mode to compare
Take a broad view of SCR electric controller products outside China, it is only two kinds to control the mode: Phase place control with zero controlling ‘ Assign zero of formula control, the intersection of time and the intersection of proportion and zero control) .

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