With what starting cabinet to protect the electrical machinery XYJR-30KW

Jan 16th, 2018

Star’s foreword:

The soft starting cabinet specialized factory that first in China authorized through CCC, popularize enterprises especially in new technology in Shanghai. The soft starting cabinet of imperial tomb of huge rock is extensively suitable for the start of the electrical machineries of occasions such as the metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, water supply,etc., it is traditional star triangular magnetic starter’s, reducing pressure from lotus root ideal substitute products such as starting cabinet, reactor, the products operate the overall switch contactlessly, does not have electric arc, are applicable to various special occasions. Welcome the incoming telegram or messenger to consult and negotiate cooperation: 135-8891-2365 or 135-8893-2157

Characteristic and characteristic of the soft starting cabinet of imperial tomb of huge rock:
1,It is powerful to protect: Have year, overvoltage, voltage shortage, excessive load, shorts out, over the ground, excessive heating, passing in and out the line and lacking equal multiple protection functions.
2,Have long performance life, safeguard the low cost: Not without the contact apparatus of the bypass, since start, operate and achieved by approximately perfect contactless control technique of the triode thyristor in the whole course to park, the life time of the starting cabinet is lengthened greatly, the maintenance cost drops greatly.
3,The applicable scope is wide: The main circuit does not have mechanical switch, so is contactless and not having electric arc, having no flame, can adapt to severe environments such as the cigarette, dust,etc. in the working phase.
4,Easy to operate, old and new electricians are all apt to be grasped: The regulation of starting time, starting voltage, starting current only needs using on the potentiometer ” The opener ” Rotation regulation, operation is concise and ocular, preventing the data from setting up and complicated accommodating procedure of code management, no matter the old and new electrician can employ freely.
5,Small, light: Products small and weight reduce pressure lotus root only starter box 1/3 about, very convenient transformation to the old apparatus; Some products can be hung directly and can be used on the wall.
6,Quality is reliable: Adopt leading intellectual control technique and harsh producing factory’s experiment, the products use reliability remarkably.
7,Save energy and reduce the cost: The experiment of customer in Guizhou, the processing factory of crushed stone changes from auto-coupling starting cabinet to and uses 7 (online and energy-efficient) XYJR electrical machinery soft start control cabinets And then, save more than 3000 yuan of electric rate per month. Note: The power of 7 control cabinets is of different size. Energy-conserving king: The saving electric rate is enough to offset the purchase price of starting cabinet in one year.
8,The start at any time, unrestricted: This starting cabinet of start at any time depending upon need, is not cooled and limited. Example: The starts per hour of the auto-coupling starting cabinet can’t exceed twice.

Energy-conserving king: The saving electric rate is enough to offset the purchase price of starting cabinet, very saving easy-consuming fitting in one year.
Promise a king: The caveat vendor in one month, guarantee the repair free of charge (note in one year: Except operating damage violably) .
Protect a king: Importing the protector, advanced circuit board, semiconductor transmits and increases a lot of protection functions for the whole product.
Easy to operate and operating steadily; Without mechanical switch and contact apparatus, can adapt to severe environments such as the cigarette, dust,etc..

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Fume chamber pxk of the positive pressure of cupboard unexplosive of the positive pressure of unexplosive of Beijing

Jan 16th, 2018

The cupboard of positive pressure of unexplosive of Beijing, the fume chamber of the positive pressure of unexplosive

The ones that were often remembered in the past are attentive, he let me can not be cold at the night either! Where but go now? Know early it is once of dream, I will not place love on a place! The cupboard of positive pressure of unexplosive of Beijing, the fume chamber of the positive pressure of unexplosive lets the dream be different, there is no result!

First, cupboard of positive pressure of unexplosive of Beijing, the fume chamber of the positive pressure of unexplosive, applicable scope:
1. This product is suitable for the chemical industry, off-shore drilling island, metallurgy, medicine, light industry, textile, food, biotechnology, spaceflight aeronautical engineering and war industry,etc. are in the bao zha gas or dust environment, as the three phase four wire system ‘ 380V/220V) Exchange the electricity distribution mains supply of the low-voltage apparatus or to the measurement instrument, analyze monitoring and control of components such as instrument, jian shi device, microcomputer touch-sensitive screen, high-power frequency converter,etc..
2. Suitable for a district, hazardous area of 2 districts.
3. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IICs, the temperature group is the bao zha gas atmosphere of T1-T4.
4. Install in indoor, the open air.
Second, cupboard of positive pressure of unexplosive of Beijing, the fume chamber unexplosive principle of the positive pressure of unexplosive
Adopt dielectric isolation to light the source unexplosive measure. Namely: It is full of clean gaseous cupboards of positive pressure in vivo to install user’s used electrical apparatus element in one, make the flammable and explosive mixed gas in the external environment unable to engage the electric spark or dangerous temperature that the electrical apparatus element produce in normal working hour, thus achieve the explosion proof purpose of the electric apparatus.
Third, cupboard of positive pressure of unexplosive of Beijing, the fume chamber products advantage of the positive pressure of unexplosive:
1.The cupboard of positive pressure of unexplosive of new, adopt differential pressure switch of Will of Germany of U.S.A. and instrument, adopt and import the component of air passage of inferior Dirk, pure mechanical control is safely more practical and more reliable. Autonomous system liquid crystal display, integrated and high, the volume is small, it is steady to run, have advantages such as visualities,etc..
2.The positive pressure type unexplosive switch board belongs to the forced draft type, the automatic pressure relief device of the mechanical type relaxes automatically when the atmospheric pressure in the cupboard is greater than 500PA, inner heat will discharge with the gas the case, ventilate and dispel the heat, when lower than 100PA, the acoustooptic alarm lamp calls the police, when lower than 50PA, automatic power off.
3.Use the oil-water separator, make the oil moisture open, keep entering inner air of the cupboard clean.
4.Our cupboard all use and flow the tube, and the material is all red copper pipelayings, not merely can filter a lot of incidentals, and still can make the atmospheric pressure in the cupboard keep balanced, really reach the unexplosive result of the positive pressure.
5.Last touch pad in we faceplate,inside and outside getting more safe and more reliable without being earthed,etc..
6.Use the ostiole outside the cupboard touch-sensitive screen of our positive pressure, prevent the smoke and dust, prevent the faulty action.
7.Little screw to reach seal, use 304 unsuitable to get rusty stainless steel at the the intersection of we and cupboard.

Fourth, cupboard of positive pressure of unexplosive of Beijing, the fume chamber products characteristic of the positive pressure of unexplosive
1. This product is mainly made up of cabinet, autonomous system, air-spreading system, alarm system, power distribution system; Cabinet made up of positive pressure lumen and one pair of lumens, positive pressure lumen installs users’ electricity distribution system element inside, built-in autonomous system of one pair of lumens.
2. The cabinet type products adopt GGD cabinet bracket, the structure, the seated installation of cable chute that the main bracket panel is about, play incoming line, Qianmen to operate, the back door is overhauled.
3. The box products adopt the welded construction of the high-quality steel plate, main facts, bracket panels are upper and lower structure, the installation of hung type, play incoming line, Qianmen to operate and overhaul.
4. The desk-top products of musical instrument adopt the high-quality steel plate to be folded and welded and shaped, main facts, bracket panels are the front and back structure, seated installation, play the incoming line, musical instrument platform to operate, the back door is overhauled.
5. Divided into ventilating type and compensating type according to the air inlet way. The ventilating type is as the incessant serial air supply, the working heat of installing of the positive pressure inside component of lumen can take away with the air passage, have very good heat-dissipating functions, are suitable for solving the heat-dissipating problem of the high-power unexplosive frequency converter; The compensating type supplies gas for the discontinuity, the positive pressure lumen should have good leak tightness, guarantee that it is narrow-minded to dawdle.
6. Users must offer the source of the gas, the requirement is: Is it empty to purify? ? ? Or nitrogen, the source of the gas is pigeonholed: 0.2- 0.8Mpa; Usually the Living instrument wind can meet the demands in users.
7. Steel plate material use the intersection of GB710-88 and cold rolling steel sheet generally, can also choose GB3280-84, become rusty steel material according to user’s request.

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3M35KV cable shrink high-pressure cable joint 7684PST-G-I-CN

Jan 16th, 2018

3M35KV cable temperature shrinkage high-tension cable connects 3M cold shrink type terminal fitting and adopts the whole prefabricated compactness to be designed, connect the body and is made of soft silastic material of liquid, will not form the insulating blind angle because of the bending of the cable in use. Insulating quality, able to bear the track nature, high temperature resistant and is able to bear sour alkalinely and finely of material, the special craft is made, highly elastic, in the cable loop runs, provide the invariable and lasting radial pressure for cable body, with the cable body the same as ” Breathe ” ,Too big difficult problem of solving the cross-linked cable and expanding with heat and contracting with cold.

    3M35KV cable shrinks the high-pressure cable joint 3M temperature shrinkage terminal fitting, before being dispatched from the factory, each terminal fitting body needed to carry on 100% factories of test, the content of the test includes exchanging withstand voltage and local discharge to measure, guarantee each piecing local discharge amount is less than 1pc.
3M the intersection of temperature shrinkage and the intersection of terminal fitting and all products test organization and China State Power Corporation high-pressure electrical apparatus quality monitoring center of research institute in Wuhan recognize through the intersection of world and every large authority Card. What deserves to be mentioned is terminal fitting of 3M temperature shrinkage still passes and looks like Germany VDE0278 standard ” The underwater constant voltage load circular test ” Wait for the project, in order to prove the fine waterproof sealing property that its body has and remain the sufficient radial pressure all the time to the cable body.
    Waterproof sealing property of the terminal joint body except shrinking of the high-pressure cable joint of shrinking of 3M35KV cable, according to the actual conditions of the Chinese three core cable, the recovery of the internal and external boots of terminal fitting is had, adopt the waterproofing, cohesiveness and make from the waterproof insulating tape with all good shape, in order to guarantee the good sticking to the characteristic of the cable lug. Furnished with the unique belt armour separately, the machinery of offering the high strength is protected.

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Suck the industrial dust collector majestic Del WX-3078PWX-3078P of dust on the ground of warehouse

Jan 16th, 2018

Suck the industrial dust collector majestic Del WX-3078P of dust on the ground of warehouse

Majestic Del’s industrial dust catcher WX-3078P
Technical parameter Unit Number value
Power W3600
Voltage V220
Wind amount m3/h 572
Suck strength mbar 205
Area cm211620 of the gauze filter
Grade dB67 of the noise
Volume L80 of the dust collection case
Type of the gauze filter classification polyester filter
Diameter mm40 of aspiration mouth
Filter efficiency um0.3
The machine weight kg34
Machine size mm620 *620*1150

Majestic Del’s industrial dust collector detail introduction …
1. Three electrical machineries of this kind of machine device, the power can reach 3600W, it is designed that the switch is waterproof, easy to operate.

2. High fibrous material filter element of the filtering system that there are 5 layers within the machine, innovative HP8520 nitric acid, can filter the dust under 0.3um, adopts the fibrous material of modified nylon, the filter area reaches 11620cm2, the surface is smooth, say good-bye to history that needed to frequently clear up the filter in the past, raise operating efficiency.

3. WX-3078P one push type to suck dual-purpose dust collector hand, it just in the front furnished with the intersection of width and 50cm, push away and suck and stew the head, can suck while pushing away, the clean ground dust is convenient and simple and easy.

4. It is simple to push away and suck the installation that is stewed too, after purchasing machine, installing according to the step on the specification, does not need to pull down, there is one to step on the rear of the machine, the ones that can control and suck stewing lift and is put down, convenient and swift, (50cm pushes away and sucks and stews the head to apply to the dust collector) .

5. The complete machine is adopted under CAD cowl typely and designed, prevent that it influences the internal circuit system to expose to the sun and rain, there is a bulge in the handle above the crest of the machine, can hang the power line.

6. Machine this kind of can aspiration absorb water, furnished with, absorb water floating ball, when water is sucked to certain water level, this float, will examine up the intersection of water and bit line, float person who get on automatically machine runs well, but without suction, will not cause water to enter in the motor directly, play a very good function of protection electrical machinery.

7. This serial industry dust collectors are suitable for the factory, the warehouse, food, chemical industry, ceramic powder, gush out and mould the powder, similar tiny powder such as the powder of Se drum, the metal powder, can clear up the scale specking fast at the same time, Sha Shi, saw-dust and a large number of dusts.

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Flat new product switch voltage transformer ECU4.712.0995ECU4.712.0995 of the letter

Jan 16th, 2018

Name: Voltage transformer of the switch Type: ECU 4.712.0995 Specialized number: PQ2016 applicable trade: Specialized voltage transformer of the power

Schematic diagram:

6-4: QA-1¦µ 0.25 54T 14-11: TIW-B¦µ 0.5 20T 4-5: QA-1¦µ 0.0.25 27T 2-3: QA-1¦µ 0.25 8T

1.Bone PQ20 vertical (6+6) 2.Magnetic core PQ 2016 3.Inductance 1.85mH¡À 10%

Because the voltage transformer is a customized products, every parameter is different to some extent, be sure to contact us about the situation of confirming the parameter, size, paying one, price etc. before making the form. The above is the great series of products, concrete type, stitch, measurement isoparameter, ask the intersection of telephone communication and we, customize for your individual.


1.Produce the advantage: Produce the factory, totally meet the VIP customer’s monthly demand.

2.Stock advantage: The daily finished product is put in storage, a large number of stock stock, should be to customer’s urgent order.

3.Quality advantage: Examine and dispatched from the factory completely, every product device capital is through testing, guarantee 100% of the quality.

4.Price advantage: The producer sells directly to households, does not have any circulation link, reduce the purchase cost for you, realize the profit is maximized.

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The telephone number of the after service: 400-0088-096

The site of factory: 11 main roads of crossings of three eight East Road, Dezhou, Shandong and high morality

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Online security NSB-566

Jan 16th, 2018

VIA C3 processor of year of the processor board, Head Bus 100/133MHZ, primary frequency 400MHz – 1GHZ, 128k/L1, 64K/L2
The memory supports DDR 200/266 MHz SDRAM, DIMM * 1
Group VIA8623 of the chip is 100/133
BIOS Award system BIOS
SSD Compact Flash socket
Watchdog Second of range 1-255 of the safety condition (SEC)
Expand the PCI bus of total line, PC/104 bus line
Power Standard 20 – pin ATX power
Size 203mm(L) x146mm(W)
Operating temperature 0 degrees C 60 degrees of C
Store the temperature -20 degrees C 80 degrees of C
As to 10%~90% of humidity, there is no condensation

Chip VIA8623 chip set
It is stored that apparent 8/16/32/64MB VGA shares apparently to exist

MIO Ultra ATA 100/66/33* 1, the serial port * 4, LPT * 1, IrDA * 1, 1* FDD, PS/2 KB/Mouse * 1
USB 3* USB2.0 (support 6* USB)
Audio frequency AC 97 2.0 sound cards
Digital input /export the TTLs for 4 person input,4 person TTL output
Network RJ45 interface * 2 of ether


Purchasing order information:

NSB-566LP8: 5.25" VIA embedded mother board / Eden 800MHz/ 2 x LAN / VGA / Audio
NSB-566: 5.25" VIA embedded mother board / 1GHz CPU / 2 x LAN/VGA/Audio
NSB-566-12: 5.25" VIA embedded mother board / 1.2GHz CPU / 2 x LAN / VGA / 20051515502288300 of Audio [img ] jpg [/img ]

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Converter HT2000 of the network

Jan 16th, 2018

No matter is or on business outside in the office, can control and monitor the apparatus through computer, telephone or mobile phone,etc..

. Make various apparatuses can possess interoperability. Join HT-2000 network various apparatuses may manage decentralized control in unison behind the converter; It is easy to realize and control long-rangely.

. Possess the characteristics of new technology and era, group has new network functions on the open network interface.

. Can be regarded as the auxiliary communicating device, or mainly built-in one of the single communicating device, needn’t have other apparatuses, only need to add interface of one RJ45.

. Support the standard TCP/IP communication protocol, is especially suitable for using the order responding type (package form) Fictitious apparatus of communication protocol, whippy, have a lot of by sustainable to can remember keep having function parameter inside, needn’t in fact change the communication protocols or hardware devices of the serial port apparatus

. But staging of the internal hardware, 12 ordinary data I/O line can be used for controlling download, input sensor state,etc..

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5kw walkie diesel engine generator DS5000K

Jan 16th, 2018

After new machine buy, for be able to normal reliable operation, increase of service life and reduce the maintenance cost, raise operating efficiency, should pay attention to the following several points while using: Read the operation instruction carefully, find out about the structural featureses and operating ranges of the products, must guard against not coming into operation blindly. Should be according to marking and engine oil trade mark of paying the fuel and worthy of adding or annotating the fuel stipulated of the regulation of the operation instruction strictly before operation at the beginning of new machine. The oil should be filtered clean before annotating, the ware kept clean, prevented the impurity from abrading to cylinder block and piston. The engine oil of periodic change, guarantee the good lubrication and dispel the heat. Form a complete set according to the nominal power of the data plate strictly, forbid running under overload, ultra rotational speed, high rotational speed of no-load or long-term part load, slow speed. Check every fastener, organism damage and personal security caused in order to prevent becoming flexible regularly. Wash the empty strainer regularly, should change if necessary. The empty strainer prevents the dust and key part to influence the gas mixture density, be unable to take off the empty strainer and run to must guard against. Air-cooling fin, heat-dissipating passways, fans of the diesel engine generator of air blast cooling,etc. are the important part that the diesel engine dispels the heat and operates normally, should keep clean constantly, remove the dirt in time, avoid the excessive heating and cause the organism to be damaged. If technical condition permitting, fixed check sum maintains the gasoline engine generator, such as wash carburetor, adjusting the interval of spark plug and removing the charcoal, adjusting the interval of valve, checking piston ring wear degree and tension,etc., should get rid of in time while discovering the problems, avoid working in spite of illness, loss and shorten the life time in order to reduce the needless fuel.

5KW diesel engine generator
Products brand
Senden SADEN
Item Model
Frequency (Hz)
Voltage (V)
Power rating ( Kva)
Maximum power (Kva)
Number of phases
Agitation way
Brush self excitation
Power factor ¦µ
Electric current (A)
Insulation class
Dc output (V/A)
The fuel tank capacity (L)
Serial operation time (hr)
Motive force type
Initialization mode
An organic whole of the flashlight
Motive force classification
Single cylinder, four cycle, vertical, diesel oil
Cooling way
Air blast cooling
Bore * journey (mm)
86 x 72
Discharge capacity (L)
Compression ratio
19.5: 1
Engine speed (rpm)
3000 3600
Engine power (Kw)
Capacity of engine oil (L)
Oil consumption (g/kwh)
Fuel type
Diesel oil: 0 #s (summer) ,-10 #s (winter)
Engine oil type
SAE10W30 (above CD grade) )
It is disposed that available
Remote control
Digital control panel
Wheel and handle
LED5 digital display
Physical dimension (mm)
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight (kg)
The quality is protected ‘ Electrical machinery and power)
Three years

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Transparent factory

Jan 16th, 2018

The transparent factory is a creative strategy, it will construct Internet’s basal technology to merge with the unattended products of Snide. Its aim is that the technology that extant, open sum has already verify been is led into the market, thus subdue the integrated obstacle of the exclusive system. The implementation of the transparent factory will reduce the Integrated work capacity of the system greatly, will reduce the time from design and concept to actual motion products too.

The architecture of the transparent factory allows the final user to operate its apparatus at a more high level.

" Transparent factory & quot; Set up in new information technology (IT) On and the technological foundation of communication, the technology includes OPC open software standard and WEB technology,etc.. " Transparent factory & quot; The concept mainly includes the contents of three respects: On the basis of communication, WEB modal network application and object-oriented programming of TCP/IP Ethernet.

The intersection of Snide and electric transparent technology of factory totally open, it can under all automatic environment MES (manufacturing execution system) And ERP (enterprise’s resource planning) The seamless is connected. The electric products about the transparent factory that can offer at present of Snide are as follows, the network fragments and Ethernet IO of embedded Web server, TCP/IP communication,etc..

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Grind the dull and stereotyped computer PPC-YQ121TZ03 of industry of 12 inches of strong science and technology

Jan 16th, 2018

PPC-YQ121TZ03 is that one employs the touching activated dull and stereotyped computer designed for advanced man-machine interface, allocate liquid crystal display and high-accuracy resistance type contact control screen or electric capacity to reject; Offer and take the buffered data storage device, support MSATA, SSD and SATA2.5 at the same time ” Hard disk; Support 4 serial ports, 2 ether net mouths and 4 USB ports, help users connect various I/O apparatuses; This product has available GPIO at the same time, now or requirements for expanded function of future that meet

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